Talented Writer & Producer Nikolay Sysuev

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Nikolay Sysuev is a Russian-born writer and producer based in Los Angeles. With a background in finance and a passion for film, he has found his calling in the entertainment industry and is working tirelessly to make his mark. Sysuev’s unique cultural background and diverse range of experiences have given him a unique perspective on the world and the stories he wants to tell. In our article, we look at his career and how he got into film and TV.

Early Life and Career in Finance

Sysuev was born in a small town in Russia and spent his childhood growing up in Moscow. Growing up, his father was a commercial flight engineer but, got into politics to become the first elected mayor of their city. In due time, Nikolay got exposure to both Hollywood and Russian films and TV shows. These experiences shaped his love for storytelling. These exposures sparked his love for storytelling. After completing his studies in math at Edinburgh University and working as a trader in the financial sector for a decade, Sysuev discovered his true passion through a short course at a local film school. The course revealed that his true calling was in the entertainment industry.

Passion for Film and TV

Sysuev’s love for film and TV started at a young age. Fascinated by the action films and TV shows that slipped through the Iron Curtain in the 80s and 90s like Robocop, Lethal Weapon, Terminator, Total Recall, he would record them on VHS and re-watch repeatedly. His time at a boarding school in the UK exposed him to English literature and helped him develop a better understanding of storytelling and structure. After quitting his job in finance, Sysuev tried his hand at every aspect of filmmaking, including writing, acting, directing, and producing. This experience gave him the confidence to apply to the American Film Institute (AFI), where he honed his skills, found his own unique voice and got interviewed for BAFTA.

Career Goals and Aspirations

Sysuev’s long-term goal is to succeed as a writer and producer. He wants to infuse his own cultural background into his work. Inspired by Greg Berlanti, Ryan Murphy, Shonda Rhimes, JJ Abrams, and Jason Blum, Sysuev aspires to emulate their success. He aims to create unique and diverse stories that entertain and engage audiences. Sysuev tells stories with roots in his cultural background. He tackles contemporary themes like science, social inequality, and complex family dynamics.

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Current Goals and Projects in Los Angeles

Sysuev is currently in Los Angeles, where he is working on several projects. He is writing and producing a second thesis project at AFI with the help of a Sloan Production grant. Plus, developing his own original material for TV and a producible genre feature. He collaborates with other creatives on other projects too. His immediate goal is to secure representation as a writer. Plus, he also intends to keep developing smaller independent projects. These projects will go into production in a post-pandemic world. Sysuev actively seeks established creators and production companies interested in collaborating on his portfolio of projects.

Nikolay Sysuev is a talented writer and producer with a passion for storytelling and a unique cultural background. He wants to make his mark in the entertainment industry and bring his unique perspective to the world. He draws on his diverse range of experiences and knowledge for success. His goals are to become a successful writer and producer, and he is well on his way to achieving them.

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