Subscription Boxes and Retention of Subscribers

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Subscription box services is in nowadays especially at a time of pandemic where our movements outside the home are limited. Subscription boxes serve to deliver rare or handcrafted products, and even any thing that rouses interest from customers or trendy at that moment. The great thing about this service is that a person orders the product personally, and yet, does not need to do his/her own packaging since they are delivered straight to the addressee. Subscription boxes are utilized by subscription-based electronic commerce businesses. They aim for broad array of clients or consumers, accommodating their particular demands, interests, and needs. Given the convenience it provides, the ease of buying products online and asking them to be delivered as well, they are beneficial services, especially as of the moment.

Even before the pandemic, the popularity of subscription boxes has already arisen in the year 2020. This service is popular among customers from 18 to 24 years old. In fact, globally, customers express that they intend to expend more on subscription box services in the year 2021. Because of the threats of the Corona Virus, customers and consumers prefer a secure and convenient mode to purchase their needs. Due to the quarantine and isolation, subscriptions for entertainment are the most in-demand, to reduce boredom in homes, and this is followed by food subscriptions boxes like Japanese snacks online. Because of course, people are avoiding going out and being in peopled places to reduce the risk of being exposed. When consumers have longer subscriptions, they tend to benefit more from the service. There are strategies employed by companies or product providers to retain the interest of consumers in their subscriptions.

Electronic commerce subscriptions assist companies and brands in their profit. The extended subscriptions allow for customers save more money and more time. This means, they are given the convenience they need and ease stress among consumers. Increasing the customers retention can assist in the upsurge of profits.

The major concern of subscription companies or service providers is the cancelling and abandoning of subscriptions within three to six months. Subscribers do this because they want to cutback on their expenses, or they are not using the service that much due to the nature of their work or daily living, and the service depends on the season. Consumers are also exploring other features of their subscription, such as the speed, the smoothness of the subscription and payment process, and other options.

Providers and companies are scheming to improve their systems to ensure that subscribers will retain their subscription for a longer time. It is harder for existing customers to maintain their subscription more than to gain a new customer. This is because there are several websites that present free trials and sign-up terms for very month. This makes it easy for subscribers to subscribe and unsubscribe according to their liking.

Companies or service providers must follow up with their customer’s subscription or take an effort to reconnect with the consumer. Should the subscriber refuse to sign up or subscribe again, at least they would be able to gain a feedback from the consumer about what should have been done or improved so that they retained their subscription. By following up and reconnecting, cancellation of subscriptions can be avoided and products can be improved to be more enticing. Should the customer really decide to abandon their subscription, at least they have a constructive and affirmative feedback of the products, the product providers, and the company. And service providers can also present other options to suit the consumers’ taste.

Another way for companies and service providers to keep their customers for the long haul instead of dropping out is to focus on the convenience of the consumers. The most convenient way to avail of subscription boxes is through the use of cellphones or mobile gadgets. Communication, purchasing, research, are all done at the tip of our fingers. Which is why, companies or service providers must make the most out of the utilization of mobile phones. More consumers use cellphones than desktop computers. Companies and service providers can make use of text messages (SMS) and push notifications. By doing this, consumers are more likely to subscribe since they personally receive the message.

To maintain the subscriber base, these things must be considered:

Subscriptions must be personalized to match the exceptional interests of the clients. There more personalized the products are, the more the customers will be loyal to the subscription or the product. There must be a wide array of personal choices that allows for customization and gives them interest to continue their subscription for the next months.

Value for money is essential for clients. This means, companies and service providers must be careful in planning the costs, expenditures, shipping rates, etc. Customers prefer hassle free and affordable payment and delivery schemes.

Continue to engage subscribers by asking them to give reviews, and social shares. Say for example, host major social events like monthly deliveries for the subscribers. Invite the customers to post snapshots of the product or vlog their unboxing moment. Give freebies and make packages attractive so spark the excitement of the receiver to post the product.

Make sure that the company upholds quality and reliability to target the customer’s satisfaction. The moment that this fails, the social media becomes the company’s greatest enemy and critic. Remember that there is a strong competition in the marketplace, so do not just lounge around.

Present more options for buying. If a consumer is pleased with their subscription, there is a possibility that they would desire to purchase a higher or fuller version or a different product from the products offered. Here, electronic commerce would be a suitable addition to the subscription.

It is worth considering that convenience and seamless transaction are the major factors for subscription retention. The moment that these two things are no longer experienced by consumers, the cancellation of subscriptions is highly possible. Getting consumers to patronize products is not the most critical part, but the retention of subscribers for the long haul through engagement.

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