Style Guide to Comfortable High Heels

Style Guide to Comfortable High Heels
Style Guide to Comfortable High Heels

High heels are one of those things that many women have a love-hate relationship with. So pretty! So glamorous! They make you look better, extend the length of your legs and can dress up even the most basic of outfits. You wear them, admire them, love them. High heels are an absolute must have fashion and style essential. Let our style guide to comfortable high heels lead you into fashionable shoe bliss.

Then it starts. The pain. Oh, the pain. The shoes you loved so much are now resembling a Medieval torture device. Your calves burn, and as for the balls of your feet, you don’t want to talk about them. They have betrayed you.

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So you’re locked in an eternal struggle, loving the look but hating the experience. How about bringing the two together? It doesn’t have to be like this, high heels can be comfortable and fabulous as long as you’re willing to accept a little bit of help.

Step One: Make Sure They Fit

Excuse the pun with “step”. That one was pretty irresistible. Anyway, shoes that don’t fit right are going to hurt – that much is inevitable. You can do a few things to make them work better for you – cushioned insoles will take a lot of the impact out of walking in them. Heel grips will allow your feet to make the best of a pair that don’t  fit properly. And if you need to stretch them out, there’s a trick with a hairdryer and some rolled up newspaper you could try.

But the truth of the matter is this: Shoes that don’t fit are going to make your feet hurt. Anything you do to make this less so is a roll of the dice. It could work, but no promises. Jimmy Choo is an amazing shoe designer that makes incredibly comfortable heels. 

Jimmy Choo Glitter Heels. BUY NOW!
Jimmy Choo Glitter Heels. BUY NOW!

Step Two: Change The Way You Walk

Fight the fact that the unconverted would look at this as a bizarre act (“You changed the entire way you walk for a shoe?“). They don’t get that glitter Jimmy Choo shoes are so pretty they’re worth it. You just need to make a few little changes. Shorten your stride pattern. Walk from heel to toe and push forward with confidence. Put your shoulders back and bend the knees slightly. And don’t overthink it! Imagine yourself on a catwalk.

Step Three: Pick The Right Style For You

When it comes down to it, if a shoe is really making walking a nightmare, then it’s not the right shoe for you. No matter how gorgeous it looks on the outside, if you can’t walk straight it’s not going to stay pretty for long. So keep in mind that you have other options available. A court shoe is a worthwhile bet, as are orthopedic shoes which can look extremely stylish.

Let’s be honest: there are a lot of people out there who simply do not get what those of us who love shoes see in them. As though they have never put up with something uncomfortable because of how it looks! But picking the right pair can make you feel ten feet tall even if it’s just a four-inch heel. So if you find the right pair of high heels and can make them work, go for it!

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