Steps for a Healthier Scalp

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It is easy to take your scalp for granted and not think about it. Most people tend to focus on the hair, not the skin beneath it, when choosing products. Still, if you don’t care for this area, you could eventually deal with issues, such as dandruff or inflammation. Everyone can benefit from these tips.

Using Gentle Products

It is a good idea to avoid products that have fragrances, sulfates, or alcohol since these can cause issues. For example, sulfates can strip away natural oils, making your scalp drier and more easily irritated. Your skin, especially on your head, is already relatively sensitive, so using something with fragrances or alcohol can remove critical moistures. That leads to dry, damaged, frizzy hair, and your skin can become irritated and itchy. It is also a good idea to choose the right hair products, including those that do not have harsh ingredients. Look for hair treatments that don’t have bleach or dye, since they can damage the area as well. Instead, consider regularly using a clarifying shampoo. This can eliminate buildup and reduce flakes. You can browse an online collection of products to find the best shampoo for you.

Washing Correctly

Try to avoid scrubbing your head when you are shampooing. Instead, gently massage the area to try to increase the circulation. It also prevents injuries to your scalp. And remember, you don’t have to shampoo every day. Washing less often can actually reduce the amount of oil in your hair. That’s because too frequent washing can strip natural oils away, leading to more oil production. When too many oils are produced, your hair will look oily, even if it’s just partway through the day. If you already have an itchy or dry scalp, you might benefit from going longer between shampoos. That way, your body will start to balance out oil production. Try to wash only three or four times each week. In between, you can use a dry shampoo or do a rinse-only in the shower.

Consider Exfoliating

You likely exfoliate the skin on the rest of your body, so why not on your head? You could just add a bit of sugar to the shampoo to remove dead skin cells. You can use your fingertips to work it in. Try to avoid using your fingernails, as this can lead to scabbing or hair breakage. And make sure you condition all of your hair, including your scalp.

Try Supplements

Taking certain supplements might reduce hair loss while promoting growth. For example, fish oil is a great supplement to stimulate scalp circulation. They can also reduce the types of inflammation that tend to lead to hair loss. Of course, it’s a good idea to speak with a health care professional before choosing a supplement. It’s also a good idea to ensure you are getting enough antioxidants. When your body has too much oxidative stress, everything can suffer. Try to eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can, and consider a supplement. Each type of food has different benefits, so make sure your diet is well balanced.

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