Sporty Style for Men

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Sporty Style for Men- #bevhillsmag #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #fashion #style #new styles #fashion blog #shop #shopping #clothes #fashion world #fashion magazine #in style #style magazine

You can go sporty with all sorts of color themes. This monochrome look proves that sporty fashion need not be boring. If you are searching every fashion blog for inspiration on sporty looks, then you can stop here. This in style look with help you pull new styles seemingly from a hat.

First, start with the V-neck T-shirt. The color is solid and gives the look at steady start. You can shop for a shirt like this anywhere in the fashion world. Make sure you get a good quality brand. This shirt out of a fashion magazine will get you started on your look.

Next, go for the colored, fitted slacks. You can choose the same color as your T-shirt. Cotton pants are always best for sporty occasions because the material breathes well with the heat. You might want to go for a poly-blend if you are looking to stay warmer. These clothes will be a breeze to wear because they are comfortable.

Next, add a shoe. Go for suede material to make the look a little fancier. You will want to make sure that the sneakers have great cushioning and support. Any fashion magazine will sport some colors that can help you complete this aesthetic.

Finally, you must have a ball cap. Ball caps are young and fresh. They have a timeless style. When you shop, look for a maroon color if you are following this color scheme. In the fashion world, you will want to find a plain cap so as to give off a slightly fancier sporty appeal.

Additionally, you will need a good leather belt. A black belt is classic and should be in every man’s wardrobe. When you are shopping, look for a belt that feels like something you could wear every day.


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