Sporty-Fast Car: The Lamborghini Huracan

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Every motor car bearing the Lamborghini logo comes with sport car royalties. A fact synonymous with each model, the Italian manufacturer unveils. And keeping up with this heritage, the automaker introduced a new fast car to the Lamborghini lineage.

The first debut was in 2014 at Geneva Motor Show when it replaced the Gallardo model. Now, the Huracan 2019 model is available in two distinct body designs- Spyder and Coupe. Also, you have the choice to go either go for the rear wheel or the all-wheel version.

The Performance and Handling of a Fast Car

The new Huracan model combines the best technology and design you can find in a fast car. Also, the body is crispy and streamlined to cut through the air. And as usual, the car expresses the high-performance pedigree that you’d expected from a Lamborghini.

Sporty-Fast Car: The Lamborghini Huracan#cars#car magazine#car#dream car#fast cars#luxury cars#beverly hills#beverly hills magazine#

All the cars in the Huracan series have variations, but all run with a V-10 engine. The rear-wheel coupe features a 571-hp a 5.2-liter engine. And a seven-speed automatic double-clutch transmission. The output power reaches 602-hp on the coupe and likewise for the convertible version. Plus, the coupe can rush from zero to 60 mph in an eye-opening 2.5 seconds.

The Italian automaker followed coupe release with the Spyder variant, which has a better output of 631-hp. This version is a favorite for hard-core drivers and an excellent fast car for track-focused users.

The Design and Interior Look of this Sporty Cool Car

The body of this fast car looks like a spiky hexagonal form in a carbon atom. On the front and rear, you get spoilers crafted from forged composites. They help in exploiting the aerodynamic for the car to achieve maximum performance. By either increasing or decreasing the downforce. Another item is the wheel rims, they are lighter and hold the tires firm, giving that perfect grip.

The Huracan is a fast car bred, with hosts of many performance enhancement technologies to help you drive fast. Keep in mind the speedometer goes to triple-digits, thus the need to stay in control. The Lambo’s features an advanced chassis and a high tech sophisticated powertrain.

The interior boasts of other technical enhancements, like the customary lengthwise alignment and electric powered backrest. For more comfort, you have electrical control and sport seat heating elements. Others include an optional navigation system and moving infotainment that withdraws from the center stack.

The interior reflects character, coolness, and status. On the seats, they’re built from carbon fiber, and the upholstery used is from Alcantara. They have also used quality material in designing the interior fittings while other parts are from forged composites. Well, all the light material help this cool car perform faster.

Sporty-Fast Car: The Lamborghini Huracan#cars#car magazine#car#dream car#fast cars#luxury cars#beverly hills#beverly hills magazine#

Selling Price of this Race Car

The 2019 Lamborghini Huracan is retailing on several dealer outlets. Both versions, the Spyder, and coupe are available. Even though the pricing varies according to their wheel’s structure. The Spyder variant price ranges from $429,000, while the coupe one starts from $390,000.

Last Take

The Italian automaker keeps reawakening the thrills of the sports car in every product they unleash. Look at the Huracan series; they are all better versions compared to their predecessors.

This line of cars allows you to choose your preferred drive mode at a simple touch. So, if you are looking for speed, you have the Sport mode. If you want to grace the racetrack, you got the Corsa mode. Last, you have Strada mode, for your typical day to day travel. In the end, the choice is yours.

Sporty-Fast Car: The Lamborghini Huracan#cars#car magazine#car#dream car#fast cars#luxury cars#beverly hills#beverly hills magazine#

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