Spirituality Comes to Reality

Spirituality Comes To Reality
Spirituality Comes To Reality

With the prevalence of holistic medicine and the wide expansion of the “conscious” movement from books like “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle and Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s free online meditation courses, it is evident that spiritual healing and modern modalities that address more metaphysical aspects of a person, is fast becoming the popular method of maintaining health and well-being in today’s day and age. Many have come to realize that to heal oneself, whether it be emotional wounds, physical illness, or spiritual distress, things like your peace of mind, healthy eating habits, and positive thinking play a very important role in making it possible.

For many years modern holistic healing methods such as Reiki, a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being, have been widely accepted as true and effective.

More recently, we discovered a new modality called “Receivings,” discovered by Michael Pagel, which is very similar to Reiki, whereby energy is channeled and sent to whoever it is directed toward at the time. This “energy” is received by the person and addresses their specific chakra needs, and by doing so it opens the chakra’s to receiving the appropriate energy it needs to heal itself, causing physical ailments to dissipate or disappear, wounds both emotional and physical to heal, almost magically, and allows the spirit of the person to be lifted to a higher awareness of itself and healed. This process creates a positive shift in the ‘Receiver’ giving them a path of least resistance to their desired emotional and physical well being by expanding their spirituality.

~ Receivings ~ Official Logo
~ Receivings ~ Official Logo

We spoke with Michael Pagel who discovered this secret healing method, who is now sharing it with the world. He has created a Facebook group  so he can send “Receiving’s” across space and time via the group to its members.

How did you discover “Receivings”?  Receivings started in a dream. Then in waking visions…I saw people holding their hands in the prayer Position _/l\_ and I was activating their hands. I kept seeing it over and over. I didn’t know what it was, I tried to ignore it. I couldn’t, so I started doing what I was seeing in my dreams and visions, and I found that it is an ancient art of channeling healing energy.

What is the process of “Receiving’s”?  There are three parts to the process.

1. Activation 2. Alignment 3. Ki’s (Pronounced ‘keys’)

During Activation the hands are activated to receive the healing energy. Most clients feel warm or tingling sensations. Then during Alignment your entire being is integrated into the frequencies of the “Receiving’s.” It is essentially a balancing of the chakras to fully receive to all parts of the body. The Ki’s is the final step in the process, whereby I share the energy of “Receiving’s” along with the wisdom of this practice, so that you can have the power to do it as well.

What is the pricing for this? The Prices are as follows:

The Activation~$22.200

The Alignment~$33.30

The Ki’s~$55.50 or a Total of $111.00

Why do you share this healing method with others and teach them how do it themselves? I think it’s an important part of the growing “collective consciousness” and spiritual awakening in the world. More people are waking up to the fact that spirituality is very real and a vital part of our lives. Many people have reported feeling balanced, centered, and loved. They also experience their chakras and third eye opening as well as pain going away instantly. I want everyone to have this positive experience…I think it’s my duty to share it. It was a gift to me, and I must gift it to the world.

LOVE Additional Receiver Testimonials

“After joining the Ascension Symptoms Support Group on Facebook, I would regularly see Michael Pagel posting ~Receivings~.  I didn’t know what it was but I was guided to it.  I would read all the comments  and realized it was similar to Reiki.  I am a Reiki Master so I was interested.  Night after night I would see Michael doing this, read the comments, but I was unsure.  Knowing how Reiki distance healing works, I had my doubts that people were experiencing what they said they were so quickly.  I stayed on the sidelines watching for many nights. Then one night I was doing my usual routine of watching when one of my guides basically yelled at me to Do It!  I clicked like, said hello and waited.  When Michael typed “Wayne Now~    I thought “well here goes nothing.”  WRONG!  I was amazed!  It hit me immediately and so intensely I was caught off guard.  The energy came in through my heart and crown chakras and spread throughout my body.  My hands and feet became very warm and tingled.  In just a three minute session, I felt more energy than I do in an hour long Reiki session!  I’m not discounting Reiki at all, still like it, but this was a new delivery system to me and the quickness was unbelievable.” Actual receiver, Wayne 


“Michael, I just wanted to personally thank you for “Receivings.” I was so happy to receive last night. I have to tell you, after you told me you were going to send me healing energy, I wanted to tell you what I experienced. I laid back on my bed and closed my eyes, waited……, I started feeling a tingling sensation in my legs, then in the darkness of my eyes being closed, I saw a light getting brighter and brighter on my forehead, I didn’t tell you but I have degenerative joint disease in my face! My jaw has had several surgeries, can’t be fixed, just need more surgeries continually, caused by a lot of domestic violence in my past, very traumatic that I have to work on. I actually go to a pain clinic because I refuse to have anymore surgeries, cause of the permanent damage I have encountered from medical intervention. Anyway, as the light got brighter on my forehead I started to feel my left cheekbone, where I have a lot of pain, start to shift, as I felt this the light on my forehead got wider, then I felt a warmth move over my heart and stay there with me for a while as the tingling sensation moved over my whole body, I felt a total euphoria, for a while my physical pain for the first time in a long time in my body was gone, and my emotional pain also stopped for a while. The light on my forehead started to get smaller and smaller and I felt the euphoria leaving me, I chased it and tried to get it stay but it wouldn’t. But I finally got the relief I have prayed for years and now I know what it feels like. I feel like you gave me that, thank you!!  I just wanted to personally share that with you! I went to sleep right after and woke up rejuvenated and in a wonderful mood! I wish I could return what you helped me with; I am willing to receive anytime you feel like it. Much love always” ~ Actual Receiver, Teresa 


If you or someone you know is in need of spiritual, emotional, or physical healing, email Michael at MichaelPagel777@gmail.com to schedule your session of “Receivings” today and you will discover the life changing force of the Universal Energy of Love that we all have access to through spirituality, when we open our minds, we open our eyes, open our hearts, and free our Souls. “Receivings” is just the beginning…

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