Smart Tip To Lose Weight In A Unique Way

Smart Tip To Lose Weight In A Unique Way. #beverlyhills #health #fitness #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine
Smart Tip To Lose Weight In A Unique Way. #beverlyhills #health #fitness #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

This is why buying that chic petit dress is the first step to lose weight in a unique way…Read on…

Ugh; gaining weight is such a dread! If there was some magic super-formula that could make one shed those pounds a couple of hours before their dream date, wouldn’t that be awesome? In fact, it would be selling like hot-cakes!

Unfortunately, science has yet to figure it out; though it doesn’t hurt to hope that the boys in the kitchen will conjure up something quick!

So why is gaining weight so much easier than losing it? Well, it all falls back to how sedentary the American lifestyle has become today; especially if one happens to be in the corporate scene. Yep, there’s that run of the mill 9-5, then let’s not forget feeling so cooped by the time one gets to the house, that all they can do is order some takeout, binge-watch a Netflix series, and pass out on the sofa; and the cycle of life goes on and on!

The Nuances of gaining weight

Besides, gaining weight in itself is pretty depressing. Not only does it make one less confident, but also has them reminiscing on the good old days when they rocked a smoking bod and had all the fellas whistling as they strutted down the street. *Sigh*, bring back those days oh universe!

However, do not despair. In this warfare of losing weight, turns out that there’s one great way to  shed those pounds pretty fast; and no, it’s not some mumbo jumbo diet that’s going to leave one salivating over muffins as they get to work. Nope, it’s all in the mind. All one’s got to start with is buying that lovely slim-fit dress from your favorite boutique!

Never wait to lose weight before buying the desired clothes

Ever heard of the placebo effect? It’s where the mind tricks the body to believing that it’s cured of a certain disease, and the body follows through. Doctors have been using this technique for years, after it was discovered how powerful mind over matter was.

Smart Tip To Lose Weight In A Unique Way. #beverlyhills #health #fitness #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

Now, this isn’t the placebo effect, but buying a dress a couple of sizes under has a profound mental effect on one losing weight. It spikes up the desire to do so, and gives one the drive to get up every morning, eat healthy, make some time for exercise, and get enough sleep!

Try fitting on that dress every morning

Yep, that’s right. Fitting on that dress is kind of like a reminder, plus it shows the amount of progress one has made. For example, if it feels a little tight around the bum, then next time one can add the frequency of squats to get it just about right!

Plus it really gets one pumped going towards the end result. Imagine showing up on that date, and the look on hubby’s face when he sees the new ‘surprise’ that has been mentioned 1000 times over the phone.

Hmm, maybe one just wants to lose weight to feel as beautiful outside as they are inside! Who knows? All is for sure though, that preparing the mind is just as important as preparing the body!

Plus after you lose weight, it’s always great to compliment that rocking bod with radiant skin. To find out more about improving skin, check out

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