Smart Packing Tips That Will Make You A Better Traveler

Beverly Hills Magazine Smart packing Tips That Will Make You a Better Traveler
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The last thing you’d want while boarding your flight is to be barred from boarding it because you exceeded the baggage weight limit. Or, imagine yourself at a train station with loads of luggage. Does this sound convenient to you? Definitely not! We all know that traveling light is comfortable and will help you save some money by not paying any baggage fees. 

Here’s how you can pack light. 

Tips For Smart Packing

Pack More Plain Colored Cotton Clothes

Plain-colored clothes are lightweight. They are also easy to mix and match. Moreover, nobody will ever notice if you’re wearing the same thing. Make sure that everything you bring is color-coordinated so you could mix and match and blend into the place you are going. 

Pack Multi-Purpose Cloths 

Multi-purpose clothes could help you save a lot of space. There are a lot of these items now in the market. The most common for guys are the pants that can be converted into shorts by simply unzipping the lower part. 

For women, there are now dresses that can be worn in a variety of ways. Some jackets can now be converted into a vest by just unzipping the sleeves. Make sure you pack more multi-purpose clothes to reduce the weight

Pack Microfiber Towel 

Bring a microfiber towel instead of the regular beach towels. The microfiber towel weighs less and can be folded and stuffed in a small pocket in your bag.

Take Along Quick Dry Shirts 

You can easily wash quick-dry shirts and hang them on your hostel balcony so you could wear them the following day. You don’t need to bring a lot of shirts if you wash your clothes every day. Make sure that the hostel or hotel you’re visiting has balconies attached with rooms. 

For instance, if you’re visiting Dallas, first lookup for Dallas short-term rentals on Google. After shortlisting the accommodation, see that it is compliant with the Covid norms, has balconies and other required facilities. 

Carry Lightweight Shoes

There are now many lightweights yet sturdy shoes for both men and women in the market, and finding one would not be that difficult. You can pack a couple of shoes and sandals that will compliment your clothes without making your bag a tad heavy.

Buy Toiletries in Your Destination

Toiletries like shampoo, soaps, and toothpaste could easily add weight to your bag. We suggest that you just buy them once you arrive at your destination.

Use Lightweight Bags

Some bags are heavy (some weigh more than 2 lbs) even if they’re still empty. Choose bags that weigh less but won’t easily tear open once you fill them in with clothes and other stuff. There are many lightweight travel bags in the market now, and finding one will definitely be easy.

How To Save Money on Baggage Fees

Gone are the days of free check-in baggage for some budget airlines, and the best way to save money on paying for baggage fees is as simple as traveling light. Here are some tips on how to travel light and save money on baggage fees:

Travel with Less Weight

Most airlines allow hand-carried luggage as heavy as 23KG. And that does not include laptops or cameras. So travel with only as much as 23KG, and you wouldn’t be asked to pay for baggage fees. If you’re traveling in Business class, you can carry up to 32KGs of baggage. 

Don’t Bring Knives and Other Pointed Objects 

Knives and other pointed objects are often not allowed to be hand-carried as they are perceived as weapons. Don’t bring any, and you wouldn’t be asked to check in your baggage.

Final Word

Traveling in these tough times can be a challenge, but not impossible. Apart from the tips mentioned in this article, make sure you wear your mask at all times in public, carry a sanitizer, and main social- distancing. Being vigilant will go a long way in staying safe during your vacation. 

Which packing tip did you find the most helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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