Smart Business Website Marketing Tips

Smart Business Website Marketing Tips
Smart Business Website Marketing Tips

If your business has a website but people aren’t visiting it, there could be a number of reasons why not. These online marketing tips will help. The most likely being that people can’t find you on search engines unless they scroll through 58 pages.  No-one wants to be on the 58th page of Google. But how do you get yourself to the top? Well, a lot of it has to do with online presence. Here are a few methods that may help to boost your website up the rankings.

Don’t spam keywords!

There was a time when all you had to do to get your website higher on search engines was to spam your site with keywords. However, most search engines have since adapted their algorithm in order to counteract this. In fact, filling your website with keywords may mostly have a negative effect on your rankings (not only that but it looks silly to clients visiting your website). Instead, focus on creating a user-friendly experience for visitors of your website.

Encourage reviews

A great way to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is to encourage online reviews. This will not only give your business more online presence, but increase your reputation leading more people to choose you (so long as they’re positive reviews, of course). For bigger companies with multiple outlets, there are various sites such as that can keep a record of any reviews coming through for your company, as well as encouraging your customers to write more. You can further increase your SEO by copy and pasting these reviews onto your website.

Get blogging

Your website may not feature highly on search engines but it’s not active enough. A great way to keep your website busy is to start a blog. Blog posts can be about anything related to your business, promotional or not (most people are more likely to read advice and informational posts rather than purely promotional ones). Your blogs will give your website more pages, opening up more doors to your content on search engines.

Get others to blog about you

You can also increase your rankings by getting others to blog about you. Approach blogs related to your business and ask if they’d write a feature accompanied by a link to your website. You can also offer other businesses the chance to cross-promote – ask them to promote your business on their website and in exchange you promote theirs on your site.

Use social media

Having a Facebook and Twitter page will further increase your online presence. Use these platforms to increase your SEO by posting links to your websites. You can include links to your blog posts and any third-party blog posts and reviews promoting your product. The aim is to place yourself all over the web. Feel free to embrace other forms of social media such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. Eventually you’ll see your website working its way up the rankings.


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