Smart Aroma Diffuser

Best Aroma Diffuser EVER!

Introducing the newest innovative home appliance; Lea, a “smart” aroma diffuser, with its first-to-market “waterless” technology, will have fans of aroma therapy adding this item to their list of must-haves.

Aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine that uses essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds which are aimed at improving a person’s health or mood according to Medical News Today.  It is believed that the inhalation of essential oils stimulates the part of the brain connected to smell which causes chemicals to be release that can make the person feel relaxed, calm, or even stimulate.”

Aromatherapy has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years and is used in massages, bathing, hair products, candles, and even cosmetics.  In the past, it has been necessary to either mix essential oils with water in diffusers that then disperse the scent into the air through ultrasonic technology, or heating the oils in a warmer which could pose a fire hazard.  The Lea “Smart” Aroma Diffuser is the world’s first “waterless” diffuser and what’s more…it’s portable!  The unit is outfitted with three rechargeable batteries and a USB wall charger making it the perfect companion for the office, aerobics studio, spa, yoga studio, bathroom, and virtually anywhere the consumer goes.  For those who love to travel, Lea fits smartly into a suitcase and with included wall charger, is perfect for hotel rooms.

Best Aroma Diffuser EVER!Stadler Form has created three “go to” fragrances in “Refresh”, “Relax” and “Revive” which are perfectly-combined oils in easy-to-use 10 ml bottles.  Just unscrew the lid, pop the bottle into the unit and in minutes the air is transformed from dank and musty to cheerful and exhilarating.  The company is also offering as an accessory item, their empty 10 ml bottle which consumers can fill with their own essential oil combination making the fragrance possibilities endless.  The unit will also accommodate most commercially-sold 10 ml fragrance bottles.

Lea is attractively priced at MSRP $119.99 and includes, the diffuser, empty 10ml bottle, 3 rechargeable batteries and charger.  Optional fragrances are available for $24.99, the empty 10ml bottles available for $10 (pack of 10) and all items can be purchased at fine home décor/appliance stores nationwide as well as

About Swizz Style

A leader in innovative and attractively designed Stadler Form-branded household and commercial products, Swizz Style is leaps and bounds above its competitors.  Striving to develop items of practical use, all products are engineered and designed in Switzerland.  With four Swiss designers at the helm, Swizz-Style, with its Stadler Form brand, encompasses all that is possible in function/form, simple construction and aesthetics.

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