Sincere Reasons Women Get Breast Augmentation

Sometimes the simplest of reasons is the most common.

Just a few short decades ago, there was a huge stigma surrounding breast augmentation or “boob jobs”. A major operation that was seen as the bread and butter of any reality stars’ career and a procedure people either loved or hated. Today, while many fame-hungry individuals still go down the cosmetic surgery route in the hope of launching or prolonging a career in the media, there are dozens of other reasons why everyday women – young or old, career driven, stay at home parent or both – consider breast implants and cosmetic surgery.  

In this post, we’ll explore some sincere and honest reasons why women have breast augmentation. If you want to find out more about breast augmentation London, then click the link.

They Want to Feel Confident

Sometimes the simplest of reasons is the most common. Many women go ahead with breast augmentation simply because they want to give their self-esteem a much-needed boost. Having a fuller chest can make a woman feel sexier, more feminine, and more attractive. While some women just want to look good, feel good, and feel incredible whether they’re putting their clothes on or taking them off!

Their Breasts Have Changed After a Pregnancy or Multiple Pregnancies  

Breasts go through a lot during pregnancy and after birth, especially if the mother decides to breastfeed. Breasts can become disproportionately sized after nursing, be droopier or smaller than before. This can leave some women feeling a little flat. Breast augmentation means they can restore the shape of their chest to how it was (or make other changes) pre-pregnancy. However, if she were to fall pregnant again – don’t worry. Breast implants don’t impact the baby’s health or her ability to breastfeed.

One Breast is Bigger Than the Other

Almost all women have one breast bigger than the other, however for some it can be a real source of contention and impact their self-esteem. Breast augmentation means a better proportioned chest and a better appearance.

A Mastectomy

When women undergo treatment for breast cancer, it can often leave them feeling low and with changes to their body that they’re not happy with. Many women in this position opt for breast augmentation and reconstruction to help them feel like them again after months or even years of cancer treatments.

Their Sex Life Needs a Boost

As time marches on, intimacy between couples can get a little stale. Many women feel less confident in the bedroom or just want to feel sexier and more desirable. Breast augmentation means they can look good with their clothes on or off and inject some fresh sex appeal into the bedroom.

They’ve Lost a Lot of Weight

Women who have gained and then lost a significant amount of weight can often be left with a deflated chest, or their breasts may not be as full as they used to be. Breast augmentation can transform their chest, helping their clothes to fit better and highlight their slimmer silhouette.

Final Thoughts…

The reasons above explain why more women than ever before are considering this cosmetic procedure. Have you ever considered breast augmentation? 

Hannah Foreman
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