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Beverly Hills Magazine Tracy Elsie Grey Gradient Square Rimless Sunglasses Blush Mark
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“We exist for the ‘girl who loves to slay’ – the boss babe, pushing boundaries and inspiring everyone around them to own their confidence and individuality.” Right there in Blush Mark’s words. Blush Mark is here to satisfy your fashion goals, up your fashion game, all at the minimum cost of $5!

Moreover, standing true to their philosophy of accessible fashion without breaking the bank, they have all varieties of clothing for numerous occasions. 

Our Editor-in-chief decided to check out Blush Mark and handpick some exquisite fashion pieces just for you. Also, you can check for more on their website.

Tracy Elsie Grey Gradient Square Rimless Sunglasses. 

Just as we’ve said earlier, minimum cost of $5, this exquisite square sunglasses goes for $4.99. It comes with a pouch and you can pay in four installments with Afterpay. 


Jacquetta Eleanore Bodycon Tank Dress

Available in black, red, lemon yellow, blue, pink, and purple, the bodycon tank dress will bring out the silhouette of your body and will sure look good on you. 

Beverly Hills Magazine Jacquetta Eleanore Bodycon Tank Dress

Maisie Eden Black Dress|Blush Mark

This beautiful black dress features a low square neckline and no lining. Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, you will get all the comfort you need. 

Also, you can wear with a strapless bra, adhesive bra, or no bra. 

Beverly Hills Magazine Maisie Eden Black Dress

Alexandrina Elsie Black Skirt

Made from 95% polyester and 5% cotton, it is unlined and you don’t have to bleach. Also, the Alexandria Elsie Black Skirt is stretchy, so there is allowance for your curves. 

Beverly Hills Magazine Alexandrina Elsie Black Skirt Blush Mark

Sallie Elsa Black Chain Decor Slide Sandals

Square toes sandals are all the rave now, this chain decor slide sandals will place you among the trend setters. Made with PU leather, it will adorn your feet gracefully. 

Beverly Hills Magazine Sallie Elsa Black Chain Decor Slide Sandals

Ida Eileen White Quilted Heeled Mules

What did we say about square toes??? They are absolutely beautiful! Check out these Ida Eileen White Mules and be blown away. 

Insole made from PU leather, outsole made from rubber, this is going to be the best $15.99 you will ever spend. 

Beverly Hills Magazine Ida Eileen White Quilted Heeled Mules

Claire Eden Black Shoulder Bag

A black shoulder bag to match your outfits will do no wrong. Made from 100% PU leather, it’s quality is definitely way higher than its $5 price. 

Beverly Hills Magazine Claire Eden Black Shoulder Bag Blush Mark

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