Sheena Sujan Designer Handbags

Sheena Sujan Designer Handbags
Sheena Sujan Designer Handbags

Step into the world of luxury with the one of a kind leather handbags created by top designer Sheena Sujan. Sheena Sujan is an emerging designer who is setting the stage for the future of designer fashion accessories. Her line of Italian made handbags exude sophistication and simplicity while maintaining that perfect feminine flair and boldness of the modern day woman, signature only to the top fashion brands in the world.

We sat down with Sheena Sujan, a wise young business woman who is fast creating her own destiny and creating the new generation of designer handbags for women all over the world.

Why did you choose to design handbags? “When I was a young child, I actually cut up my Dad’s brand new jeans and created a handbag out of them. So ever since I was little I have been naturally creative. I am currently earning my MBA and this has helped me create my brand. I wanted to focus on one niche in the market. I love handbags and I love designing handbags, so I knew I wanted to focus on creating them first.”

“For Every Woman Who Desires Designer” - Sheena Sujan
“For Every Woman Who Desires Designer” – Sheena Sujan

Tell us about your journey of creating your brand? “I love entrepreneurship. I had my own business as a teenager, and I really loved the creativity involved in it but also the business aspect. When I decided I wanted to create a career in fashion, I did a tremendous amount of research specifically into handbags. I researched China, Spain, and Italy, and found that the best quality craftsmanship came from Italy. So I knew I would create Italian handmade handbags. In fact our factory also manufactures some of the other major fashion brands that exist today. It is constantly growing and I am very excited about our new line of wallets, a Hobo satchel, and another tote that we will be adding to the collection. We are also adding 4 limited edition bright pink large Barclay totes with black suede interiors.”

What are the different names of the available luxury handbags? “We have three signature pieces, the Carmichael clutch, the Adora which is mid-sized, and the Barclay which is the large tote.”

What makes Sheen Sujan handbags different from others? “I am a big world traveler, and I have noticed from Russia to Dubai that women gravitate toward the very traditional styles of handbags and colors. I wanted to create a brand that spoke to the simplistic style for the new generation of designer shoppers. Times are changing, fashion is always changing, but the simplistic timeless pieces last a lifetime. That is what a Sheena Sujan handbag stands for, a fashion piece that can be passed on from generation to generation.”

Sheena Sujan Designer Handbags
Sheena Sujan Designer Handbags

What does the Sheena Sujan brand stand for? “Our pieces are for the woman who is discovering designer for the first time. A Sheena Sujan handbag is meant to be a woman’s first designer piece. I want her to look at the brand as one that she can not only afford but also pass down.”

What is the significance of the Two Headed Tiger Emblem? “Not only does it symbolize the double S in my name Sheen Sujan, but also tigers are very synonymous to India, where I was born. So it has personal significance for me. The two-headed Tiger is fabled in ancient history as a creature of regal beauty. The two-headed tiger stands strong; she’s the master of her own destiny, a legend in both the ancient and modern world. Her majesty and exclusivity foretell tales of royalty and might. With this logo, I wanted to create a bold and strong brand that resembles women everywhere.”

Sheena Sujan Designer HandbagsEvery Sheena Sujan design is constructed by expert artisans and masterfully cut and stitched together by hand, using only the finest Italian leathers and exotic skins. This heritage equates to an exquisite collection of simplistic-timeless elegance. The leather goods are crafted in the same Italian province where the top global luxury brands have produced their accessories since the early 1900’s, a testament to Sheena Sujan’s position as one of the newest luxury fashion brands in the marketplace. Become a fan of Sheena Sujan on Facebook.

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