Roxy Sowlaty from #RICHKIDS

Roxy Sowlaty from #RICHKIDS of Beverly Hills
Roxy Sowlaty from #RICHKIDS of Beverly Hills

An interior design pro first and a #RichKid of Beverly Hills second, Roxy Sowlaty is a USC business graduate and has a master’s in Interior Design from NYC’s Parsons New School of Design. With an obsession for home decor, the young tastemaker has brought high end homes and budget-friendly spaces to modern-chic life across the country. Now she’s opened her own LA firm, Roxy Sowlaty Interiors, specializing in high end residential projects and is simultaneously launching an online do-it-yourself interior design website. (Photos by  Emily Kennecht)

This pretty rich kid of Beverly Hills talks with us about her design do’s and don’ts and how to make your dreams come true too.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What made you decide to do the show #RICHKIDS of Beverly Hills?

Roxy Sowlaty: Morgan was one of my best friends, and a casting director approached her and Dorothy to do the show and they wanted to meet all their friends. We chatted over Skype and E! Network picked it up. It all happened very quickly. I’m definitely the shy one in the group, so I was a little unsure about doing a reality show but I felt it was a really good opportunity.

Roxy Sowlaty talks about interior design and how to make your dreams come true!

Beverly Hills Magazine: When did you discover your talent for interior design?

Roxy Sowlaty: When I was young I was always changing rooms around, and in my teens I would design my friends and boyfriend’s rooms. At one point I was ashamed that I wanted to do this. I thought I should do something more corporate, but I realized it makes me happy. So I decided to really do it, to build a brand and career from my passion for it.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: Where do you get your inspiration for you interior design work?

Roxy Sowlaty: People inspire me, projects inspire me, and places inspire me. I’m a Beverly Hills girl. It’s the best city in the world, so people get to experience a slice of Beverly Hills through my work and that’s inspiring to me.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your design signature?

Roxy Sowlaty: I like to mix high and low cost pieces into one space, this adds a dimension to the room, especially when I get the pieces from different stores. For example, placing a very expensive sofa and rug, with lesser expensive accent pieces creates a certain balance which gives the space harmony. I also grew up where money is no object, so I use the inverse approach of creating a space without having the most expensive things, but rather incorporating varying price points, just because I can.

Roxy Sowlaty from #RICHKIDS of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Magazine: What about your use of colors?

Roxy Sowlaty: I like to use bold colors mainly for accents. My primary colors are gray and white and then I add color in with accessories. I love using yellow to give a room a pop of color. Red is also a great color since it’s such a bold tone. I like to create the “red moment” in a room. Another favorite is blue; it’s neutral and can give a masculine or feminine energy to a room.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your process as an interior designer?

Roxy Sowlaty: First I meet with my client and get to know them. I don’t impose my opinion on them; I want to know who they are so that I can create a space for them that reflects their true personal style. I want the space to accurately represent them. I have them show me their inspiration and idea photos, and then I start sending pieces that I feel will work for them, and then I get their feedback. Once that’s done, I build the furniture plan for the space and start purchasing. I do the install in 1-2 days and the job is done.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What advice would you give to other aspiring interior designers?

Roxy Sowlaty: I think you have to follow your heart if this is what you truly want to do. In the beginning take jobs even if they don’t pay. I worked as an intern for a year without getting paid and I learned so much. The most important thing you must do is develop your opinion as the expert interior designer. This will give your clients confidence in your ability to create their personal space the way they want it.

Roxy Sowlaty Interiors <3 

Beverly Hills Magazine: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Roxy Sowlaty:  I want to create a full line of bedding, home décor products, accessories, and furniture. I am creating a new alternative to bedding in a bag with a unique design style that is also green and eco-friendly.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: Do you have a personal motto or philosophy that you live by?

Roxy Sowlaty: The sky is the limit! If you reach for it, you’ll get it, and if you don’t, you won’t.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: Have you discovered a personal purpose in what you do?

Roxy Sowlaty: I really think my purpose is making things beautiful. I bring and provide beauty in an accessible way.

Her growing product line of luxe home goods, DecorMe, now includes French Louis XVI-style chairs, richly-scented candles, accent pillows, and genuine crystal bookends. Sowlaty will expand the line with new products this spring. Become a fan on Instagram or be inspired by the #RICHKIDS of Beverly Hills star with these beautiful design ideas.

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