Riverside Furniture: From Rags to Riches

Riverside #Furniture: From Rags to Riches
Riverside #Furniture: From Rags to Riches

Riverside had once started as a small company in 1946. Coming from modest beginnings, Riverside boasts the learnings the brand had in the furniture-manufacturing industry. Due to this passion, the company has expanded its manufacturing facilities in the whole of the United States and even worldwide. (Image Credit: Avery Klein/Unsplash)

They have multiple locations for their corporate branches, plants, and retail partners. As a matter of fact, the company fosters its relationships with over 3,500 furniture dealers all over the globe. And even though the corporation is experiencing unparalleled progression in the furniture business, the company’s mission remains the same.

Riverside aims to provide value-oriented, imaginative, fashion-forward, and quality pieces at a mid-priced range in America. As a furniture company, having a variety of products means less hassle for the customers. Riverside boasts of more than a dozen collections with distinguished and exquisite styles and thousands of different furniture products. From dining tables, beds, desks, chair pieces, end tables, office furnishings, and more, Riverside has it all.

So if you’re looking for the most perfect furniture product for your bedroom, dining room, living room, home entertainment, or home office, check out this extensive list of Riverside Furniture items.

When it comes to quality furniture, Riverside also takes pride in adhering to California’s Proposition 65 law. This refers to products made in California which are free from chemicals that are detrimental to the customers’ health.

Although Proposition 65 only requires putting labels on products made in California, Riverside goes the extra mile to place this label on all products they produce. This means all Riverside pieces are safe for homeowners, kids, and pets.

Last but not least, due to the materials and veneers they use, Riverside’s products will surely last from one generation to the next.

Riverside Furniture Collections that Suit Every Lifestyle

Riverside has five major collections with hundreds of furniture items each. Here’s a rundown of each collection:

Modern Contemporary

The Modern Contemporary collection is chic and exudes all the freshest styles in the furniture industry to date. This collection is updated with the most recent innovation and design concepts. It has an uncluttered design with a few transitional elements. Some collections under this category also look stunning with metal and brass accents and finishes.

Urban Organic

As the name suggests, this collection takes you back to where we all came from. The earthy tones and texture remind us of nature and life in the mountains and by the beach. Some pieces are infused with white glaze like the Milton Park collection. The Maverick collection is also another rustic beauty with reclaimed Saal hardwood.


The Cottage collection boasts of a farmhouse style with warm and inviting elegance. It has timeless design and features that are fit for coastal or mountain homes.

Updated Classics

If you’re looking for a bulky and traditional style with casual appeal, check out the Updated Classics collections. You can choose from either Rosemoor, Hawthorne, or Elizabeth’s pieces.

Refined Glam

If you want to feel the glitz and glamour of Hollywood at the comfort of your home, choose the Refined Glam collection. Sophie, Lilly, and Monterey collections are some of the best products in this category.

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