25 Fast and Easy Ways to Style Short Hair

25 Fast and Easy Ways to Style Short Hair #short hair #hair cut

Are you tired of the same old hairstyles? Try out these 25 fast and easy ways to style short hair to look fresh and chic.

The summer heat is killing you slowly.

Your closet consists of shorts, tank tops, and worn-in sandals. Stepping outside feels like stepping into a fire. It’s too hot, and your long hair isn’t helping. (Image Credit: Samantha Garrote/Pexels)

You’ve thought about cutting your hair short, but you aren’t quite sure about taking that leap. The main concern you have is not knowing how to style it once it’s short.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Below are 25 easy ways to style short hair.

  1. Beach It Up

Create loose waves with a styling wand or curling iron. Then take a light mousse and apply it to the roots. Give your hair a good shake with your fingertips, and finish off with a spritz of sea salt spray.

  1. Bang Beauty

Chop off some inches, and ask for blunt bangs. It’s a statement haircut, and you’ll be sure to surprise your friends.

Make it look retro by slightly curling the ends of your hair out a bit. Pair the look with your favorite summer shades, and you’re bound to turn heads.

  1. Half Bun, Full Glam

For a fun, casual look try a half bun. This pulls some hair out of your face and adds an extra touch to any look for the day.

To add extra texture, add beach waves to the bottom half of your hair. Sea salt spray gives any look a summer boost.

  1. Go Natural

If you have textured natural hair, rock your natural hair for the summer. Feel free to touch it up with a small curling iron and add a tiny bit of hairspray.

Pop in some color by incorporating scarves or head wraps. Natural curls are beautiful, and the summer is the perfect time to let them out.

  1. Wet and Wild

By mixing together a tiny bit of hair gel with mousse, you can create the perfect wet look with short hair. Part your hair down the middle, and lightly scrunch the mixture down your hair.

It’ll give it a wet sheen without making you look like you got caught in the summer showers. Pair it with a smokey eye for a sexy look.

  1. Ball Cap Babe

Are you feeling a little too tired to do anything to your short hair? Don’t worry!

Throwing a cute ball cap on top of your short bob looks adorable. Pair the hair with your favorite summer athleisure for a comfortable, styled look.

  1. Get Creative with Bobby Pins

Next time you’re out shopping, keep your eyes peeled for decorative bobby pins.

Buy bobby pins in all different colors or even ones with jewels on them. Pin back a small section of your front hair strands with 2-3 bobby pins, and hairspray it down.

  1. Braided Beauty 

Create a deep side part, and braid the hair back. Secure it behind the ear with a bobby pin.

Throw on some statement earrings and lip gloss, and you’ll be the star of the show.

  1. Pixie Power

Go bold, or go home. Right?

Take the leap, and get a pixie cut. It’s a fresh look that takes the stress of having too much hair away.

  1. Heat It up With a Headband 

Believe it or not, short hair can get even cuter with a headband. Grab a few padded velvet headbands to throw in for a colorful accessory.

  1. Combine Two Styles for Tons of Fun

What’s more fun than trying one of the above styles? The answer is trying two styles together.

Part your hair in the middle and start french braiding along the part, down the middle of the head. Once you reach several inches back, twist the remaining hair into a half bun.

Use some bobby pins in the bun to keep it in place, and you’re all good to go! For more hair fun, visit www.inscapebeautysalon.com.

  1. Shave Your Sides

Why not shave the sides of your hair? It’ll give you an edgy look that guarantees a boost of confidence. Grab some mousse and tease the middle for some more fun.

  1. Space Bun Fun

Part your hair down the middle, pull the top sections up. Wrap each side into a small bun on your head, almost like small bear ears on the top of your head.

If you’re attending a concert, this is a great look. Add some glitter to the space buns for extra shine.

  1. Barrettes Are Back

Purchase some chunky barrettes, and use them to pin back your hair on each side. It adds a funky touch to any look.

  1. Bald and Beautiful

It may sound crazy to some, but consider going all the way and shaving it all off. Hair always grows back!

  1. Tuck It Back

This short hair look is as easy as taking a tiny amount of gel and using it to tuck each side of your hair back behind your ears.

  1. Swoop There It Is

If you decide to go with a pixie cut, ask your stylist to leave the front bangs a little longer. Swoop them across your forehead for a glamourous look.

  1. It’s All in the Lob 

A lob is a long bob. It’s not too short, but short enough to have some fun with it.

  1. Pump Up the Pompadour

It’s a trickier hairstyle to master, but once you got it, you’ll love the volume it adds to your look.

  1. Short and Sleek

Make sure your hair is moisturized, and straighten it down. Smoothly brush down any flyaways, and you have a straight, sleek look.

  1. The Bigger, The Better

Grab a large curling iron and messily curl all around. Spritz in some hairspray, and tousel your hair for big, messy curls.

  1. Push It Back

Pull top layers of your hair up, and tease the underside with a comb. Grab some gel and push back your hair.

You’ll be impressed at the outcome.

  1. Be a Little More Forward

Flatten out your pixie cut by straightening your short hair and brushing it forward.

  1. Add Some Color

Summer is the best time to have a little fun. Choose a bold color, like pink or blue, and color a single strip in the front.

  1. Do the Twist

Take a 2-3 inch section of hair on each side and pull it back. Twist it until it coils, and pin the end of the strand at the back of the head.

The Cutest and Easy Ways to Style Short Hair

You have short hair, and you don’t care! Have some more fun with your look and try the above styles. They are easy ways to style short hair.

Whether it’s throwing in a braid or adding a headband, you’re bound to find a new style you love. Don’t forget to take a few selfies after you try them out!

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