Rising Hollywood Stars: Charlene Amoia


This Italian/Spanish beauty is an original New Yorker at heart who found her way into Hollywood and is determined to stay as she continues to rise as a talented actress who believes luck and purpose are keys to success in Hollywood.

By chance, she found herself shoe modeling for Nine West when a family friend was unable to fulfill the obligation, and on that day she signed with a talent agency, who immediately after, started booking her for more modeling work. She discovered her genuine interest for the business and awaited her next opportunity.

And it surely came. Amoia enjoyed a successful modeling career, and appeared in many commercials, before she landed a part on popular soap “Port Charles”. The part on the daytime drama led to guest appearances in the likes of “Joey”, “Girlfriends”, “Nip/Tuck”, “90210” and “The Young & The Restless”, in which she played the recurring role of Anna Schick.

Charlene Amoia is perhaps best known for playing the recurring role of Wendy the waitress on the hit sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”. Though originally initially hired to only play Wendy in one episode, the character was so popular with audiences that the role was upped to recurring. In addition to recent recurring roles on “Days of Our Lives” and “Drop Dead Diva”, Amoia has appeared in several recent feature films including “Seven Pounds” (2008) with Will Smith, “American Reunion” (2012) with Jason Biggs, Mena Suvari and Thomas Ian Nicholas, and “The Longer Day of Happiness” (2012).

Photographer credit Michael Vieyra
Photographer credit Michael Vieyra

This Hollywood actress, seen as Diana Coto on TV drama “Switched at Birth”, starred in writer/director Mark Phinney’s 2013 film “Fat”, which premiered September 2013 at the Toronto International Film Festival.

When asked what she thinks of Hollywood…This is what she said, “I like Hollywood. It is a really interesting place. You have to really know who you are in this business. You have to be extremely grounded in this business. You can’t meet others approval or opinions all of the time. You get constant rejection. Even if you’re at the top of the game, others still may be doing better. You can’t let that get you down. It challenges you to grow and really be the best of yourself. If you’re not growing and getting stronger, you can lose yourself in what you “think” you need to be doing to succeed. But you need to be yourself, and stay true to that. That is what reminds me of the purpose of why I am fulfilling this work. It’s beyond me. It’s about connecting with people and making a difference through storytelling.”

 Charlene realized the true purpose in her art.

What makes Charlene Amoia different from other Rising Hollywood Stars? She’s very empathetic. Her body, her instrument finds it so easy for emotion to flow through her. She can be moved to tears by simple ballads of beautiful music. She holds the power of beautiful sensitivity within her that she brings to her work and her life. Plus, she is a fearless performer. She admits, she will make an ass out of herself. Gladly! And that’s why she is also a comedian.

Become a fearless fan of this beautiful rising Hollywood Star on Twitter @CharleneAmoia or on facebook at www.Facebook.com/CharleneAmoia or on her official website at www.CharleneAmoia.net

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