Gwendolyn-Mary Pavane Collection


Gwendolyn-Mary marries scent and music for the launch of their company and releases their inaugural perfume and candle collection: PAVANE.

Gwendolyn-Mary, a new luxury perfume and candle company, artfully combines the two most evocative senses in the human body – scent and sound – by creating fragrance interpretations of classical music.

For company owner, Kathleen Laccinole, the inspiration to marry fragrance and music came when she was sitting in LA traffic. “I was listening to a Bach Concerto. Suddenly, it was as if I wasn’t in traffic anymore, but riding a bicycle through the French countryside. The music had transported me. That’s when it hit me that this Pavlovian response, which also occurs with scent, could be amplified by combining both scent and music. We could trigger an incredibly pleasant and powerful experience.”

Kathleen Laccinole with her Children
Kathleen Laccinole with her Children

As a trained classical musician, Laccinole spent the following two years assembling her team, scouting the best perfumers, designers, glass manufacturers, even traveling to France with her two children to immerse themselves in learning the world of scent. “I’m a perfectionist. I wanted ours to be the best products on the market, with only the highest quality and most natural ingredients available. We went to every perfumery we could find, took classes, and spoke to anyone and everyone who could teach us something new.”

For Kathleen, her inspiration came from a special moment, where music literally took her out of this world and transported her to a different place and time. It was magical.

Her mission is to create luxurious beauty fragrance products to create transportive and memorable experiences for the customer. She says, “Ultimately it’s to be able to make people happy. That is the heart of what we are doing and creating in the lives of others. Happiness.”

Kathleen states, ” Her piano teacher, Gillain McCue played an important role in discovering her purpose. She taught me to always be kind, and if you can bring that to business you’ll realize that there is enough bounty for everyone. You must love what you do and you’re going to live a good life. You really have to love your product, and it will show, and people will appreciate that quality in the product.”

Gwendolyn-Mary Pavane Collection
Gwendolyn-Mary Pavane Collection

There are distinct parallels between blending perfume and composing music. Both are a collection of notes – as effortless or complex as needed to capture the creator’s vision. The company’s premiere line, PAVANE, is based on the European couple’s dance popular during the 16th century Renaissance, and onward into France’s prosperous Belle Époque. A pavane is known to be highly sensual and slow building, yet beautiful and captivating. Gwendolyn-Mary’s PAVANE release is made up of three unique fragrances, each representing a different musical inspiration. These fragrances, like music, can be worn individually, like a simple melody, or layered for a symphonic pavane experience of beauty.

 Each and every soy candle and pure perfume oil is hand-mixed and poured with love, accompanied by its corresponding musical suggestion for an experience that will delight, captivate and transport you.



Gwendolyn-Mary is excited to keep growing and keep releasing new collections for the world to enjoy. Both in home and body products, as well as including a line for kids.

 Gwendolyn-Mary products range from $50 to $125 dollars and can be purchased online at Gwendolyn-, or in finer boutiques and stores.

Listen to Bach Concerto to hear the inspiration of Gwendolyn-Mary:

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