Red Valentino Style

Red Valentino Style. SHOP NOW!!!
Red Valentino Style. SHOP NOW!!!

With the Academy Awards just days away, everyone including A-List stars are in search of the perfect Oscars dress. Well, search no more! We have discovered a dress with a whimsical style that will make you look like a Princess all evening long. Jennifer Aniston wore this dress to the 2013 Oscars and she looked absolutely fabulous in it!

Valentino Red Sequin Dress
Valentino Red Sequin Dress. BUY NOW!!!

In the fashion world, red carpet dresses are always sought after, especially this fabulous red Valentino dress. Will bold lines and feminine flare, this gorgeous strapless red gown is the epitome of class and style. Made in Italy and of 100% Chiffon, this fashion statement dress is one of elegance, grace and charm. To add that sparkle, we paired this dress with these to die for gold red Sam Edelman mules. They are unique and sexy, perfectly fitting for a pretty princess.

Sam Edelman Mules. BUY NOW!!!
Sam Edelman Mules. BUY NOW!!!

From our fashion blog top picks, we chose this regal Saint Laurent three strand collar necklace that is the perfect style accessory that will make your ensemble gleam like a star, with brilliance and beauty.

Aldo Clutch
Aldo Clutch. BUY NOW!!!

Next, grab this fabulous clutch by ALDO that will become the centerpiece of the look, bringing the boldness of the gown and the elegance of the gold compliments together in a perfect fashion and style dance all night long. We recommend you wear your hair up and out of the face, with smoky eyes, and red lips. And become not only a princess with red and gold style, but the Queen of your night.


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