Reasons to Choose Lab-Created Engagement Rings

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There is indeed no significant difference between traditional diamonds and lab-created ones. And more people are now getting intrigued about investing in lab-created engagement rings, thanks to its burgeoning growth in recent years.

In fact, according to Clean Origin Reviews, some of the growing brands in the industry offer jewelry other than engagement rings, with 100% human-made diamonds.

So, what makes lab-created diamond engagement rings such a sought-after form of jewelry?

Why Choose Lab-Created Engagement Rings?

Environmental and moral consciousness does not just come with making viral awareness videos or doing something that gains enormous attention. You can also change your outlook and give back more to the world by making responsible choices in your everyday life.

Buying a lab-created engagement ring is one prime example of a small change that you can make in your life. But the catch is that you or your partner will not sacrifice anything to make this choice. Per the Clean Origin Reviews, from design to quality and clarity, lab-grown diamonds give you the best ring options at no cost or loss.

Apart from this, why else should you opt for a lab-created engagement ring?

They Are Affordable

Though you may think otherwise, in reality, engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds are around 40% cheaper than the standard traditionally mined diamonds.

Customizing the ring, upgrading the cut, clarity, and carat are more affordable with a lab-created diamond.

So why would you say no to a ring with a bigger stone at a lower price?

They Are Eco-Friendly

Yes, traditionally mined diamonds indeed look magical and heavenly. But wait, they are not constructed to this amount of perfection without leaving permanent marks in nature.

Mined diamonds require explosives and massive machinery to dig into the earth. The process does not just stop creating mineral waste; it also pollutes the water, disturbs the habitats, and renders the land unlivable.

Meanwhile, lab-created diamonds come in peace. Compared to mined diamonds, lab-created ones only consume an average of 18 gallons of water and a relatively lesser number of joules per carat. Moreover, any form of energy used in labs is usually renewable too.

New and Unique Options

The jewelry industry has been a long-running business that has seen many daylights. In general, it is very rare to find a new and unique diamond engagement ring or any other jewelry.

But, lab-grown diamonds have brought down this barrier. With the industry largely growing, there has been a recent rise in size, quality, and options for the lab-grown ones.

Now that you know the many pros of investing in a lab-created engagement ring, how do you find the best one out of all?

Keep Chanting the Four C’s

When shopping for a lab-created diamond, it is essential to keep the four C’s in mind – color, carat, clarity, and cut.

These are the main factors that determine the look of all lab-created diamond rings. So, before picking one, make sure to check the stone’s carat weight, the stone’s cut, its quality, and the color. Only when everything on the list meets your preferences should you finalize the piece.

Ask For Grading Reports

While buying rings with lab-grown diamonds, you must not forget to ask for grading reports. According to Clean Origin Reviews, brands who work legitimately in the industry usually offer grading reports for the diamonds based on the four C’s.

These reports will identify the stone as lab-created, and they will also show the proportions, measurements, identifications, and finish of the diamond.

If you want to surprise your partner with a fascinating engagement ring and still have enough money left in your wallet for the wedding, then make a lab-grown diamond a must-have on your list of choices.

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