Reason To Build A Dream Home In Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a synonym for luxury, exclusivity, and the USA’s most beautiful real estate. The area features mostly wide, flat lots, which are ideal for building a dream home. Furthermore, the high property demand and exclusivity have made this city one of the most expensive housing markets in the United States.

Its exclusive vibe, proximity, and landscape offer the perfect work-life balance sought by many. Beverly Hills is a modern home to many celebrities precisely due to its urban-suburban mix feel. (Image Credit: Photo by Ashlee Attebery/Unsplash)

On one hand, it’s full of extravagant shopping, five-star dining, and leisure amenities of all types, on the other, it’s private, with the perfect landscape, and excellent schools. So it comes as no surprise that many people work hard to purchase a home in Los Angeles’ most affluent and desirable neighborhoods. And if you are still looking for reasons why your dream home should be in this remarkable city, make sure you read this article. 

Beverly Hills Houses

Year after year, Beverly Hills real estate draws both admirers and new residents. Whether owning a gated mansion or a sprawling compound, the unique feeling of prestige remains present. The fact that Beverly Hills is perfect for entertaining and raising a family adds even more value to any home. However, buying a house in Beverly Hills is expensive. The competition is fierce, so the house prices can get even higher than previously marketed. Yet extravagant mansions are not the only option in this area. If you are short on cash, you can expand your quest and look for a single-family house or condominium.

The best advice you can get is to consult with a Los Angeles mortgage broker to help you out with the budget side of buying your perfect home. Do not get discouraged easily. Investing in a dream home in this area offers more than just a luxurious and comfortable life. As home to some of the most expansive and exquisite residences in Los Angeles, and possibly the world, properties in Beverly Hills generally hold their value better than ones in other areas of Los Angeles.

The legendary architectural features of the houses also play an essential role in the overall value of the neighborhood. In short, purchasing a dream home in this community is also an excellent investment – regardless of whether you use it as your primary home or a rental property.

(Image Credit: Caroline Hernandez/Unsplash)

Landscape and Weather

Beverly Hills homes are set amongst a tropical oasis. Palm trees lined winding streets, gorgeous acres of green grass, and rolling hills are surrounding the majority of the houses. The city is also abundant in beautiful parks, full of flowers, walkways and stunning art, where you can relax and take a break. And when it comes to the weather, you can not get better than Southern California weather. Beverly Hills residents enjoy more than 326 days of sunshine per year, which makes beautiful sunny days and pleasantly cool nights guaranteed.

Location and Vicinity

Beverly Hills residents also indicate the city’s position as one of their main reasons for choosing this area. The community is surrounded by the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, making it ideal for a comfortable daily (living and working) commute. Moreover, Beverly Hills offers some of Southern California’s most beautiful surroundings since it is just a stone’s throw away from both the beaches and the mountains. For those keen to close weekend-escapes, San Francisco, San Diego, the vineyards of Paso Robles, or Palm Springs are also just a day’s drive away. 

Privacy and Security

Many dream homes in Beverly Hills are designed to offer their residents a secluded, private, and safe retreat from the Los Angeles busyness. Grand estates usually have private gate entrances and impeccable technology. However, many houses are also positioned in a way that mature landscaping contributes to blocking the “outer world.” Yet, it is not just private properties that offer privacy and security. Beverly Hills is considered by many as one of the safest cities in the United States, and its streets provide an adequate degree of privacy.

High-class Neighbours, Lifestyle and Couture 

As you know, many celebrities and influential people from the business world live in Beverly Hills. The high, luxurious, and refined lifestyle these people live, to a great extent, also dictates the community’s lifestyle. Once you decide to live there, hanging with friends (or neighbors) in extravagant properties with pools and lush gardens, fancy cars, shopping at high-end retailers on Rodeo Drive, shows at the theatre, five-star dining, and so many other perks, become your reality. 

Cultural Attractions

Aside from Mulholland Drive, the world’s best shopping and dining street, Beverly Hills has many cultural attractions that enrich its resident’s lives. For example, the Frederick R. Weisman Foundation encompasses the Frederick R. Weisman’s private collection of 400 both modern and contemporary art pieces, now available for the public, from Picasso and Kandinsky to Warhol and many other acclaimed artists, the Paley Center for Media, allows visitors to select, view, and listen to titles from more than 120,000 TV shows and radio programs, the Revolver Gallery, which displays art from leading Pop Art figures like Andy Warhol, or sites like the Farmer’s Market, the historic Greystone Estate, the legendary Virginia Robinson Gardens, which are just some of the many other attractions available to Beverly Hills residents.

Final Thoughts

Beverly Hills is a beautiful city offering opportunities for both smooth interaction and privacy. It is very close to downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, but also to beaches and mountains. It is by far the best place in the U.S. to build a dream home. The community`s exclusivity, privacy, and impeccable taste are a daily, first-class experience that you definitely deserve. 

Jacqueline Maddison
Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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