Ranking the Best Suit Hangers

You’ve invested in high-quality professional attire that you love. Now, make sure it lasts. Storing your suits is essential, as it allows them to maintain their natural shape, stay wrinkle-free, and remain in top condition. However, you can’t store your suits properly without reliable and durable suit hangers.

Luxury wooden hangers are the right option for your professional attire, along with the rest of your wardrobe. These high-quality hangers last for years and will never snag or damage your clothes. Even more, they’ll allow you to keep clothes properly draped and free of wrinkles.

With many luxury wooden hangers on the market, it can be challenging to determine which style is suitable for your clothing storage needs. Let this guide help you evaluate some of the best suit hangers. Then, check out our recommendation for our favorite brand.

Butler Luxury

Butler Luxury’s wooden suit hangers for women come in different styles, allowing you to customize your closet and clothing storage. These hangers come crafted with thick, solid wood, making them incredibly durable and capable of supporting even heavy garments like wool suits. Styles include hangers with integrated metal clips, allowing you to hang your suit jacket with your pants or skirt. The metal clips grip securely onto your pants or dress without damaging them, letting them hang naturally to maintain their drape and avoid wrinkles. 

Rosewood suit hangers deliver premium durability, thanks to their Grade-A rosewood construction. These hangers feature a lovely wood grain that truly makes them an attractive addition to your closet, in addition to being a functional one. These hangers are ideal for suits because they have a built-in velvet trouser bar. This bar has a gentle roll that won’t leave any marks on your clothing, no matter the material. The velvet also holds your pants or skirt to the bar securely without any slipping or movement. As a result, these hangers effectively store your professional garments, keeping them in top condition from one wear to the next. 

Kirby Allison

Kirby Allison’s luxury wooden hangers offer plenty of options when it comes to hanging your suits. Choose from three different styles to find the right style for your needs.

Keep your suit jacket and pants or skirt stored together by choosing a suit hanger with a built-in felted trouser bar. This versatile style can support heavier garments, and the felted shoulders include notches to ensure your jacket never slips off the hanger. Slide your skirt or pants over the felted trouser bar for secure hanging.

A suit and jacket hanger with clips work well for suit jackets with coordinating skirts. By hanging your dress on the sturdy metal clips, it can sit naturally to avoid creases or wrinkles. This style also includes felted shoulders with notches for no-slip hanging.

Finally, check out a woman’s jacket hanger from Kirby Allison. Like other styles, this hanger features a sturdy wooden design, metal hook, and felted shoulders with notches. It’s fully contoured, which allows your suit jacket to retain its shape.


Zober’s solid wood suit hangers, sold on Amazon, are a popular choice for creating a well-designed closet. These hangers consist of natural hardwood that makes them incredibly strong. They feature a chrome, 360-degree swivel hook that makes hanging clothes simple.

The shoulders feature notches, which help your clothes stay securely in place. The hangers also feature an integrated wooden bar, which is the perfect spot to hang your suit pants or skirt with your jacket for easy closet organization. The wooden bar is grooved, which means you don’t have to worry about clothing slipping off of the hanger and ending up on the floor.

Zober hangers are lightweight yet sturdy, which makes them easy to use. They feature a space-saving design with a flat body, allowing you to maximize your closet storage space. These hangers come in packs of 20, which will enable you to stock up with a straightforward purchase.

The Container Store

The Container Store is a favorite spot for convenient storage solutions, and you can pick up wooden hangers for your professional attire here as well. These hangers feature natural lotus wood, a renewable resource, making them an environmentally-friendly choice. 

These hangers aren’t just a green option, however. They’re also super durable thanks to this all-wooden construction, which means they can adequately support heavier garments like suit jackets.

Like other brands, these hangers come in several styles, which allows you to mix and match options to create a fully customized closet. Shirt hangers with built-in ribbed bars are an intelligent option for two-piece suits, which you hang together in your closet. An integrated ribbed wooden bar provides a convenient spot to drape your pants or skirt without any slipping.

Our Recommendation

With many styles of luxury wooden hangers out there, it can be hard to choose the right one for your closet. We recommend Butler Luxury’s wooden hangers for all of your clothing storage needs. 

These hangers show thoughtful craftsmanship, using the highest quality of materials and designs that ensure your clothes are always well-cared for. They’re attractive additions to your closet as well, coming in several versatile finishes that you’ll love. 

Those who desire a better closet can purchase Butler Luxury wooden hangers on Amazon or their online storefront at butlerluxury.com. Both sites let you compare styles and read reviews so that you select the right hangers for your wardrobe. Choose from styles designed for both men’s and women’s clothing.

Discover styles ideal for hanging your suits, along with other hangers perfect for blouses and shirts. When you invest in high-quality wooden hangers through Butler Luxury, you can upgrade your closet and improve its organization. 

The result is a thoughtfully designed closet that delivers the clothing storage you need and protects your garments simultaneously.



Mike Cregan Bio

20 years ago Mike Cregan embarked on a mission to create a state of the art hanger. His passion drove him to open Butler Luxury, an online store featuring luxury hangers for the discerning fashion enthusiast. 

Mike’s hangers feature a highly-functional yet beautiful aesthetic, built from the finest wood products. These sturdy accessories include solutions for suits, shirts, pants, and skirts.

Butler Luxury’s hangers enjoy a high-end clientele, including top designer brands, tailoring houses on Savile Row, and 5-star hotels such as The Dorchester, Claridge’s, The Connaught, and The Savoy.

For the first time since their founding many years ago, Butler Luxury is offering their luxury hanger inventory directly to the public. Explore their collection today at www.butlerluxury.com.

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