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Quintessentially Lifestyle
Quintessentially Lifestyle

 Quintessentially Lifestyle, the world’s leading Members-only concierge group, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its US presence with a series of key changes to its Los Angeles operations. With the move to the new Sunset Boulevard offices, designed by leading British furniture designer, Timothy Oulton, and the relocation of key executives, Co-Founder Aaron Simpson and Senior Vice-President Jon Goss, from London to Los Angeles, Quintessentially is well-positioned to leverage the tremendous growth concierge services it’s experiencing in the US.

 We spoke with Mr. Aaron Simpson to find out what really makes this global operation tick.

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What inspired you to start this company? “I used to work for Elton John and whenever he had guests or friends in town, I was responsible for making sure they were taken care of and had everything they needed to ensure to comfort and satisfaction with their visit. I also had use of a black AMEX at the time, and something just clicked for me; I could create a business offering personalized client services with no limits. And quintessentially lifestyle was born.”

 Quintessentially Lifestyle, is the only truly localized – yet global – exclusive concierge service of its kind, catering to the needs and passions of Members by providing access to the finest hotels, restaurants, clubs, luxury products and practical services across the globe. A team of personalized, pro-active Lifestyle Managers offer round the clock global assistance to ensure Members’ lives run as smoothly as possible. From the everyday request, to organizing private tours of the Vatican or sailing lessons with an Olympic medalist, the experiences and access Quintessentially has go far beyond what most have ever dreamed possible.

 Co-Founder Aaron Simpson and Senior Vice-President Jon Goss recently moved to the Los Angeles office with the aim of developing the west coast region into one of Quintessentially’s largest territories in the world. They bring with them the creativity and drive that made the company such a success in the UK. “The commitment to Quintessentially is stronger than ever. As businesses thrive, and international communities flourish along the west coast, we are here to assist with the near to impossible, fulfilling those tasks that baffle even the most highly trained personal assistants,” Simpson explains. Jackie Brander, West Coast Director of Quintessentially adds, “We look forward to providing our Members with access into the most exclusive attractions and services that Los Angeles has to offer. Through our network of global branches, we offer insider access to the world’s most exciting cities.”

 Quintessentially Lifestyle #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #luxury #concierge

What makes your company different from others of its kind? “We offer personalized concierge services all over the world, and we offer a full range of products and services for our members including global real estate brokering, private jet sales and management, private residence management and staffing services. We are also launching perfume, tequila, vodka, eyewear and many more lifestyle products based on the QUINTESSENTIALLY Lifestyle brand. So not only are we a global service for those seeking the most exclusive concierge options around the world, but our company is a global brand.”

 What is the most unusual request you’ve received from one of your members that you have fulfilled? “We have one member who is a Batman fanatic and requested we build him an authentic Bat-cave in his home. So we hired the production designer from the original series to create that for him, and we are currently involved in having him a custom built bat mobile as well.”

 Why the interest in launching an LA Location? “LA is such an amazing city and we feel there is a large network of potential new members here who will benefit greatly by making our services available to them. We give unprecedented access to destinations and lifestyle adventures around the world to our members that they can really appreciate when they travel. There is a fantastic world out there that is undiscovered to most people, so our global concierge service opens the doors to these fun and exciting opportunities for our members”

 What can new members look forward to in the future from Quintessentially? “We are very excited about opening destination membership clubs and hotels, especially here in LA, where we offer Member-Only access to amazing food, restaurants and luxury hotels. This and so much more…”

 Co-founded by Ben Elliot, nephew of the Duchess of Cornwall, Quintessentially Lifestyle launched in Soho, London in December 2000. Now with more than 60 offices around the world, from Buenos Aires to Beirut, New Delhi to New York and in destinations as diverse and far-flung as Maputo, Accra, Seoul and Baku, Quintessentially offers a truly global service, and also encompasses 32 expert sister businesses covering all aspects of the luxury lifestyle market – from property, travel and luxury retail, to wine, art, and private aviation. With QUINTESSENTIALLY Lifestyle there really are no limits.

Quintessentially Lifestyle
Quintessentially Lifestyle

Quintessentially Lifestyle is the leading international luxury lifestyle concierge service. Launched in 2000 as a small London based business, Quintessentially has experienced a complete transformation and currently has offices in over 60 cities around the world. The service provided to Members is proactive and personalized, catering to every Member’s need, from last minute restaurant bookings, travel arrangements, and access to private parties, as well as fulfilling every unusual request and successfully connecting businesses and private individuals all over the world. Quintessentially can offer access to the inaccessible and make the seemingly impossible, possible. In a bid to ensure only the very best service is delivered across the luxury market, Quintessentially has also launched 32 luxury sister businesses comprised of experts in every luxury division. This includes property, travel, luxury retail, wine, art, flowers, private aviation and more. Quintessentially never reveals who its members are, though the company is widely recognized as the chosen concierge service of some of the world’s most high profile celebrities, style leaders, businessmen and entrepreneurs alike.

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