Proper Care Tips For Your New Luxury Vehicle

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When you purchase a luxury vehicle, you want it to continue to look like it did the day you purchased it. With proper care, this can be achieved! Some of the work you must do yourself, but you can also hire a detailer to get the finer parts looking fresh and new.

Maintaining Your Luxury Vehicle

First things first, you must take it in for all of its maintenance visits on time. This one item can help your luxury vehicle last longer and keep its “new car” glow. The owner’s manual specifies when to take it in for oil changes or other services.

Clean your vehicle once per week. You should vacuum its interior weekly. Also, clean and polish the windshield and windows. This also helps with your safety, since you’ll more easily see the road. And speaking of safety, you might want to avoid taking your new car out if the weather is sour. Weather factors into about 21% of all US auto crashes, so it’s best to avoid potential damage caused by you or other drivers by avoiding the bad weather altogether!

That leads us to how to clean the exterior. Wash and wax the exterior of your auto. Carefully clean your tires and wheels, checking them for tears, leaks, and worn tread. You can also conduct the penny test on your tread. Stick an upside-down penny in your tire tread, and if the tread covers Lincoln’s head, your tread is fine. Otherwise, have your tires checked.

You can have the tires checked when you take your vehicle in for detailing at one of the more than 66,000 detailers among the 28 million US small businesses. The detailers will deep clean your auto on the interior and exterior. They will wash and wax the interior and exterior as well as vacuum.

What About Other Vehicle Types?

Of course, luxury vehicles also include recreational vehicles (RVs) and yachts. According to Statista, in 2020 the US had nearly 11.84 million registered watercraft. You can care for the interior of your RV or yacht in a similar way to how you detail your luxury vehicle. These vehicles also need weekly vacuuming and light cleaning of the interior.

Your yacht lasts longer when you properly care for the hull. Clean its exterior regularly. This means scraping off the barnacles at times. After each use of the yacht, you should wipe down the surfaces on the boat. This protects the upholstery and fiberglass from staining from sunscreen and tanning oil. While you should use sun protection, if you spill it or it comes off on the upholstery, it stains the leather and other surfaces. Wiping all of the surfaces down before leaving the vessel ensures that the substances don’t remain and stain.

Keep dry boxes clean. They work best when clean and dry. You should wash them out and let them dry with the lids open. This also prevents them from creating an odor.

Regularly purge the seawater from your engine. Inspect all of the components to ensure no corrosion occurs. Installing a freshwater flush system can help you manage the saltwater that can get into your engine while you traverse the ocean.

Hatch and window seals can become easily worn and when this occurs, they allow water to enter. Far from only being unsightly, they can cause damage to your yacht. When you clean each week, check these to ensure their health. When you notice damage or wear and tear, replace them immediately.

When not in use, cover your yacht. Purchase and readily use a yacht cover to keep your deck from undergoing harm. This protects it from seagull excrement. Nothing ruins the fiberglass of a yacht faster than seagull droppings. These cloth and canvas covers not only protect your deck and hull from bird droppings, but they also help keep it clean in other ways and keep the vessel’s surface from fading from the sun.

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