Private Jet: Cessna Citation Mustang

Beverly Hills Magazine Cessna Citation Mustang
Private Jet: Cessna Citation Mustang #bevhillsmag #luxury #privatejet #businessjet #cessna #cessnacitationmustang

The Citation Mustang model is the smallest and least expensive jet manufactured by Cessna, built for first-time owners, pilots that want to own jets, and basically for entry-level purposes. The first very light jet, Cessna Citation Mustang is regarded as a success in its own right, though its production stopped in 2017 due to competition from its company’s Citation M2 model.

With excellent features like a full-fuel payload feature of 600 lb, a maximum payload of 1200 lb, flight range of 1070nm, long-range cruise speed of 319 KTAS, it is the perfect jet for small business purposes, family use, and quick jet trips.

Interior Of Cessna Citation Mustang

A very spacious cabin, a cockpit, and a large storage space, it was designed for the utmost comfortability of the passengers and beautiful aesthetics; the cabin has four seats with two forward-facing seats to the back of the aircraft and two rear-facing seats at the front.

Also, six oval windows to enjoy the magnificent aerial views or for you to snap those cute Instagram-worthy private jet pictures. All-leather seats for plush comfort, refreshment storage for your champagnes, or if you want to make some business deals, executive tables are available for you.

Beverly Hills Magazine Cessna Citation Mustang Cabin

The Citation Mustang uses an all-glass Gamma G1000 integrated flight panel in the cockpit, two seats for the pilot, and a copilot. Besides, the aircraft has been approved for single-pilot operations. So if you know how to fly, this cute flying monster is for you. Moreover, you get to enjoy features like engine indication, digital audio panel, autopilots control, crew alerting, Multi-Function Displays, and two high-resolution Primary Flight Displays.

Cessna Citation Mustang Performance

Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F engines, it gives 1,460 pounds takeoff thrust and cruise speeds of 340 knots. Though the jet has a short landing distance, its landing gear has excellent shock absorption on landing and anti-skid brakes powered by a hydraulic system with an emergency pneumatic backup system. Little wonder it got its FAA certificate on merit on the same day it was launched because of its high-grade security system.

Overall, it boasts safe landing safety, even on ice runways, as its wings edges contain pneumatic boots.


Its operating cost per mile is $2.16 and the cost per hour is $677. As production of the Mustang aircraft has stopped, any means of owning one is on a second-hand basis. The listing price starts from $1,350,000, and you can check Controller to make an offer.

Private Jet: Cessna Citation Mustang #bevhillsmag #luxury #privatejet #businessjet #cessna #cessnacitationmustang

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