Plastic Surgery Do’s and Don’ts

Plastic Surgery Do's and Don'ts
Plastic Surgery Do's and Don'ts

So you want a little nip and tuck, but unfortunately, getting stunning plastic surgery results isn’t as easy as finding a new pair of must-have heels. If you want to avoid the dreaded Botox eyebrow droop or keep your new nose from being the latest gossip at the club, you need to take your time. Any past victim of a plastic surgery botch-up will tell you to do your research. Learn from the mistakes (and successes) of those that have gone before with these plastic surgery do’s and don’ts. Soon everyone will be asking you for beauty secrets while you smile and blame it all on Mother Nature.

Plastic Surgery Do’s

  • Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon- Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery might be used interchangeably, but when it comes to actually going under the knife, these two terms are night and day different. Cosmetic surgeons are doctors from almost any specialty while plastic surgeons are specifically trained in the art of beautification, reconstruction, and restoration. Choose a surgeon that is certified through The American Board of Plastic Surgery for the best training and credentials.
  • Give Yourself Time to Heal- After surgery it is normal to want to bounce back quickly. Many procedures are performed using minimally invasive methods which means quicker healing for you, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to give your body the recommended time off. Healing properly will lead to better results in the long run.
  • Ask Questions- If you have questions, ask them. A professional plastic surgeon explains, “I want to recognize the unique needs of each patient. When patients talk openly during our consultation I can better understand their desires, which lead to better results in the operating room. If you want to love the way you look after plastic surgery, talk with your surgeon and make your desires known.”

Plastic Surgery Don’ts

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Broach the Topic- Even when you know that someone’s had work done, plastic surgery tends to be one of those taboo topics. It shouldn’t be. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and when friends and neighbors talk openly about the subject, you’ll all get better results. Ask for surgeon recommendations. Talk about favorite (and not so favorite) procedures. If no one else is talking about plastic surgery, start the conversation. I guarantee this is a topic everyone is curious about, even if they’re too afraid to ask.
  • Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations- We all deserve to look beautiful, but there is more than one type of beautiful. Work with your plastic surgeon to set realistic expectations for your plastic surgery and choose procedures that will enhance your natural traits. We aren’t all going to be size 0 super models, but with the right enhancements, we can all be proud of how we look, confident in how we feel, and beautiful inside and out.

With these plastic surgery tips you can confidently choose a surgeon and be in control of the results that you desire, instead of leaving it up to chance. Remember the more you know about your procedure and recovery, the better your results will be.

As a board certified plastic surgeon in Berkley Heights, NJ, his expertise is in cosmetic surgery of the face and body, as well as extensive knowledge and experience with hand surgery and cancer reconstruction. Fellow physicians have repeatedly voted him among the best doctors in New Jersey and New York metro area. He also donates his time to non-profit organizations offering free surgical care for children with cleft lips and palates, as well as burn victims. The focus is on consulting patients and understanding their needs to provide honest and personalized recommendations for each patient.

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