JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow
JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

Finally, a beauty pillow that can actually help fight the effects of aging! Introducing JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow, a firm and surprisingly very comfortable pillow that allows your face to rest comfortably offering complete support for your face and neck without wrinkling. Most people don’t realize they create wrinkles while they sleep. Wrinkles from sleeping are especially prevalent among side-sleepers and stomach sleepers. Over time, these facial creases and morning sleep lines become permanent. JuveRest® minimizes sleep wrinkles by promoting back sleeping and compression-free side sleeping. Many people are surprised to learn there is a pillow for facial wrinkles that can help you prevent wrinkles over night. We say it’s one of the best beauty products that everyone should own.

The only way to avoid certain wrinkles is to change the way you sleep. Inventor,  Dr. Goesel Anson, M.D. FACS has spent years studying ways to avoid sleep wrinkles and lines. It was during this journey that she invented the JuveRest pillow to prevent wrinkles.

Designed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow is an easy-to-use, non-invasive wrinkle solution that minimizes facial wrinkles caused by compression from pillow contact during sleep.

Did you know that most people with Breast Cancer have a variety of sleeping problems that could be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Lifestyle habits, like going to bed and waking up at different times each day
  • The trauma and stress of coping with a breast cancer diagnosis
  • Uncomfortable symptoms or side effects

Treatments alone may be depriving ones’ body of the nutrients and blood cells it needs to feel energized. And fatigue itself can be a side effect of chemotherapy and radiation.

While JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow prevents sleep wrinkles it also can help with the following:

  • Encourages sleep positions that reduce damage to facial skin
  • Promotes correct neck and back anatomical alignment
  • Multi-patented design to maintain a youthful appearance
  • Open structure allows efficient air circulation, keeping you cooler at night

During the entire month of October 2014, JuveRest will donate 20% of all proceeds from sales on www.JuveRest.com to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

About the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.(R)

Recognized as one of the leading breast cancer organizations in the world, the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s (NBCF) mission is to help women now by providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services. A recipient of Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating for ten years, NBCF provides women Help for Today…Hope for Tomorrow® through its National Mammography Program, Beyond The Shock®, Early Detection Plan, MyNBCF online support community, and breast cancer research programs. For more information, please visit www.nbcf.org.


About JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

JuveRest: The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow, a product of JuveRest LLC, is the premium pillow on the market engineered to minimize sleep wrinkles. Invented by a leading plastic surgeon, Goesel Anson, MD, FACS, JuveRest is an innovative and multi-patented product designed to inhibit wrinkles caused by facial compression during sleep. Sleep wrinkles are distinctly different from wrinkles caused by expression during natural aging and can only be prevented by minimizing distortion of the face during sleep. The JuveRest Pillow is designed to encourage comfortable back sleep while also accommodating comfortable left and right side sleep with minimal facial contact. Dr. Anson, a Las Vegas-based, board-certified plastic surgeon, is nationally recognized for her expertise in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face and her skills are highly sought by celebrities, personalities and other influencers. She is often called upon for expert commentary by such national media outlets as The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, SKY TV, New Beauty and many others. JuveRest LLC was co-founded by Dr. Anson and Cynthia Callendar, a Las Vegas attorney and entrepreneur with a track record of developing successful consumer and beauty products, including the Sleep Master® sleep mask.

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