Part-Time Jobs in Singapore That Pay Quickly

Part-Time Jobs in Singapore That Pay Quickly #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #part-timejob #singapore #ridingbikes #retailbusiness #bevhillsmag
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It’s a global pandemic, and we’re all broke, so let’s cut to the chase: The top part-time jobs in Singapore that pay quickly are:

Ride-Hailing Driver

You know you’ve made it when your friends and family start asking for rides, but the truth is that being a driver for ride-hailing apps like Uber and Grab can be a lucrative side hustle. Like other kinds of part time jobs, there are pros and cons:

  • Some drivers love the flexibility (you just need to work when you want), while others find it challenging to balance their schedules with other commitments.
  • The pay isn’t always consistent because it depends on demand—though there are ways to maximize earnings (for example, by using surge pricing). You’ll also need good customer service skills since riders rely on them in times of emergency or distress.

There’s no cost involved in becoming an Uber or Grab driver; all that’s required is an Internet connection so you can download their mobile apps and some basic knowledge about how these platforms work before signing up as a driver!


If you’re looking to make some quick cash while studying, tutoring could be a good option.

The pay and conditions vary depending on the type of tutoring, but generally speaking, they usually start at $20 per hour and go upwards from there.

While it can take time to find students through sites like TutorABC and TutorNerds (I suggest signing up on both), once you get some clients in place, it becomes easy enough to juggle them with your studies.*And who knows?* You might even begin making connections that lead to other opportunities down the road!

Food Delivery Rider

Here’s a job that’ll get you out on the streets and help you meet some new people—it’s just not one you can do from home. Food delivery riders are in high demand, and it’s no surprise why: there’s always a massive demand for food delivery, especially during Ramadan in Singapore (when Muslims fast throughout the day). A typical shift is about 5 hours long, with an average pay of $10 per hour (plus tips).

You’re an independent contractor for this gig, meaning that all the required equipment and tools come from your pocket. You’ll need a motorcycle license if you want this job; most companies require them anyway because they don’t offer training or reimbursement for safety gear like helmets!

This part-time work is perfect if you love riding bikes but aren’t ready to commit full-time; it also offers flexibility since weekends often mean working more frequently than weekdays. Plus, many gigs are available throughout Singapore, so chances are pretty good that there will be at least one company hiring near where you live or work!

Sales Assistant

Sales assistants are the backbone of any retail business. They are responsible for the daily operations of a retail store, including customer service and sales floor management. Sales assistants are also responsible for inventory control and store layout, which means you’ll be stocking shelves with new products, cleaning up after messy customers, and figuring out how to make sure everything looks nice.

Retail Associate

If you need money quickly, working retail is the way to go. Most of these positions demand standing for most of the workday and pay less than they formerly did (due to internet shopping), but they have certain advantages. Plus, if you’re able to strike up a conversation with one of the customers who enter your store or boutique and convince them that they need something new in their life right now—and it’s just what’s on sale!—you can easily earn some extra money on top of your pay check.

Here are some tips for finding part-time work at retail stores in Singapore:

  • Look for openings through career sites or social media groups
  • Apply directly through an application form or email sent from the management
  • Be sure not only do they want someone like me but also someone who can actually do this job


Promoters are in charge of getting the word out about events, whether they’re ticketed or free. This can mean anything from getting the word out on social media to handing out flyers on street corners and organizing promotional contests for people who attend. Promoters can work for a company that promotes events or do it as freelancers. In either case, promoters are responsible for generating interest and excitement around whatever event they’re working towards promoting and selling tickets (or otherwise getting people to participate).


There are many available part-time jobs in Singapore that pay out quickly.

Consider one of these part-time jobs in Singapore if you need to make extra cash fast. Using apps like Grab and Food panda to generate money is as easy as signing up and hitting the road.

If none of the above seems like something you’d like to do on the side, there are many more opportunities. There are always jobs available, whether you want to work at a café or deliver pizzas. What matters most is discovering what helps you thrive while benefiting others. In other words, get a shovel and start making holes.

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