Packing for Travel like a Pro

Packing for Travel like a Pro
Packing for Travel like a Pro

There’s a knack to travel packing. When you’re a seasoned traveler, you become attuned to saving space and folding items to avoid creases. It becomes a bit of an art form. Follow our simple steps before your next travel adventure and you’ll soon be packing like a pro.

  1. Contact the airline in advance. Determine your baggage allowance and any restrictions. Make sure you’re aware of how many bags you can check-in and the combined weight. Also, clarify what hand luggage you can take with you.
  1. Whether you’re taking a short city break or embarking on tours of Peru, purchase suitable luggage.

To maximize your weight allowance, opt for a lightweight suitcase. Invest in some digital scales and weigh your luggage in advance.

  1. Tie a ribbon or string around the handle of the suitcase to help identify it. This will make it easier to locate on the carousel.
  1. Check the weather at your destination before packing. This will help you decide what to take. Always take a few extras and some layers for unforeseen circumstances. But don’t go overboard.
  1. If possible, work out what you intend to wear each day. Allow a few extras in case items become soiled.
  1. Make a list and check off items as you add them to your case.
  1. Remember to keep any important items such as medication in your hand luggage. It is also worth including a change of clothes, just in case your suitcase is lost in transit.
  2. Place heavy items such as shoes at the bottom of the case. If your case has wheels, then place them over the wheels. Utilize all space by placing smaller items inside shoes. For example, roll up underwear and jewelry. You may also bring a travel jewelry case to protect your pieces of jewelry. Choose your underwear wisely. You’ll have less time (and much less inclination) to do laundry on the road, and you’re also more likely to be active while you’re out exploring. Comfortable undies made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics – like these athletic boyshorts – will be a big help. 
  3. Pack heavier garments first so that they lie at the bottom of your luggage. Fold, rather than roll these items. This will minimize creasing.
  1. Use any gaps on the outside of your travel luggage to store items such as books. Here are some of our favorite travel books. If you read a lot, consider an e-reader to save space.
  1. Keep any fragile or breakable items in a protected case. Surround this by your clothing. Make sure you use airtight, waterproof bags for liquids like perfume and lotions. This will prevent them from leaking into your clothes.
  1. Lighter garments should be placed at the top of the suitcase. Similarly fabrics such as silk and linen that crease, should be placed at the top. When you arrive at your final destination, hang them in a steamy room to help the creases drop out.
  1. Don’t forget to pack items such as charger cables for phones and cameras. And take a travel adapter so you can plug them in.
  1. It’s a good idea to save some space if you intend to bring back travel souvenirs. Don’t leave too much room as this can lead to creasing. Similarly, don’t over pack your cases.

There’s lots of debate around packing. For example, should you roll or should you fold? Over time, you will figure out what works best for you. Remember, plan ahead and work out your luggage allowance. Pack the heaviest items first and utilize all space. Protect fragile items. With these quick and simple travel packing tips, you’re sure to be a travel packing pro in no time.

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