Most Expensive Cars: Pagani Zonda R


Pagani Automobili S.p.A is an exotic sports car manufacturing company founded by Horacio Pagani in 1992. The dream cars manufactured by Pagani are so exclusive that only a few pieces of these exotic masterpieces are manufactured and each of this magnificent magnum opus is specifically designed as per client requirement. It’s no surprise these beauties are some of the most expensive cars on the road. The Zonda R is specially designed for the race tracks. Talking about exclusivity only 15 track-only Zonda R has been made till date. Apparently there is something money can’t buy. These dream cars are so rare and exotic that you will feel blessed if you see one of this in real life.

Pagani Zonda R is the ultimate epitome of automobile engineering representing superior aesthetic, aerodynamics and ergonomic design. The Zonda R features a huge rear wing, closed flat underbody and large rear diffuser. Pagani employs a host of high-tech and exotic materials in its car like aircraft grade aluminum, titanium, magnesium and carbon fiber. It has a dry weight of just 1070 kg achieved through Avion AL suspension components; ASpa machined structural EngAL parts and Poggipolini titanium screws. Zonda R has wide tracks and increased wheelbase making it a superior race car and the ultimate rich man’s toy and one of the most expensive cars ever produced. Also one has to have their individual race track before owning it as this exotic outrageous dream car isn’t street legal.

Pagani Zonda R
Pagani Zonda R

Pagani has created the Zonda R with only one thing in mind, pure driving thrill and keeping in line with this philosophy the interior setting is kept to a bare minimum. The interior features premium Toora seats, FIA approved and compliant with latest HANS standards and along with five point safety belts and roll cage guarantees optimum driver safety. It also features a special Digitek instrumentation for essential information and sophisticated telemetry through a variety of sensors to monitor every single component. The high quality finish and attention to detailing is amazing and complies with the demanding Pagani standards.

The heart of Pagani Zonda R is the Mercedes-Benz AMG M120 V12 high performance racing engine. The powerful engine is encased in a rigid and light central monoque made from carbon – titanium. The engine is bolted directly to the central monoque. This gem of an engine is capable of producing an amazing 750 hp @ 7500 rpm and a peak torque of 710 Nm @ 5700 rpm. This monstrous power combined with Pirelli Pzero tires is capable of catapulting this beast to 60 mph in a mere 2.7 sec. It has a top speed of an amazing 217 mph. Important performance features include direct throttle actuation, transversal sequential gearbox made from magnesium allowing gear shifts in less than 20 milliseconds, Xtrac transmission technology, Automac Engineering automation and shift paddles located behind the steering wheel. Other prominent safety and performance features include Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes, 12 way Bosch Motorsport Traction Control, ABS system and fully adjustable suspension and wing configuration.

Luck and lots of money is the two prerequisites that are necessary to procure and enjoy one of these exotic dream cars. With just 15 units produced till date it surely is a hot collector’s item. At $ 1.85 million it is one of the most expensive cars on offer in this planet. However the exclusivity, extreme engineering, performance and thrill that this car offers is priceless making it the ultimate collectors dream car.

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