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With the explosion of mobile technology and the prevalence of its usage in everyday lives, it’s about time there emerges a service that can actually keep up with the reality of our “At Your Fingertips” lifestyles.

Well, now there is. CONSUMERON….Welcome to The Future.

“Several new and exciting technologies are combined in CONSUMERON to provide a powerful platform – a lifestyle enabler – at a reasonable rate.” – Mark B. Barron, Inventor

Personal Assistant on Demand

Have you noticed that 24 hours isn’t enough time in a day anymore to accomplish everything you need to do? With all you have to do, a personal assistant would certainly help, but who can afford it? Answer: You can – thanks to CONSUMERON, a new high-tech personal assistant on-demand service that provides highly qualified, pre-screened hyper-connected assistants to help lessen the crunch and ease your pain.

Based in Los Angeles, CONSUMERON has finally cracked the hifi code for last mile delivery. Utilizing cutting edge communication high end technology, CONSUMERON opens up the personal service industry for virtually anyone to enjoy — and all you need is an internet-connected device.

Grab your smartphone, iPad or laptop and simply choose a “grabber” (a roving personal assistant) near your location – choose one who’s an expert in what you’re shopping for, choose a personal favorite, or just choose the closest one, it’s up to you – and off they go, in an energy-efficient hybrid vehicle, to complete the tasks you didn’t have time to do… and usually in under 50 minutes.

Need building materials from Home Depot, wine for dinner, even medication from the pharmacy? CONSUMERON’s grabbers can bring you anything, from construction to cosmetics, anytime, anywhere.

Future Technology: CONSUMERON
Future Technology: CONSUMERON

Using live streaming video over 4G and GPS technology, you’ll be able to see what your grabber sees in real time, communicate with them directly, and even see where your grabber is at any given time, ensuring that you’re getting exactly what you want, when you want it. Need it tomorrow at noon? Need the same groceries delivered once a week? No problem. Orders can be stored in your personal shopping cart and automated, and can even become scheduled for regular delivery.

CONSUMERON is also using cutting-edge barcode and visual search technology to make life even easier for you. Want to know the nutrition facts on those cookies your grabber’s in front of? Let the grabber zap the barcode with his or her camera, and watch all the facts instantaneously pop up on your device. And when it comes time to build that weekly grocery list, don’t worry about tedious online searches or typing in detailed product information – just use your Smartphone to snap a photo of the barcodes in your pantry, in the store, or even a picture of the item in an ad, and let CONSUMERON do the rest!

As if the convenience of more time in your day isn’t enough, CONSUMERON is affordable for everyone. By generating advertising revenue on grabbers’ hybrid vehicles in metropolitan areas, CONSUMERON keeps your delivery costs affordable. Features like Trip Sharing allow you to share your grabber with others in your neighborhood, apartment complex, or office, to combine bulk shopping orders, thereby reducing cost.

And beyond the luxuries that CONSUMERON’s personalized customer service provides, this new high end technology will create thousands of much-needed jobs across the country.

The tech world has been trying to implement a platform that can effectively deliver products when and where the CONSUMER wants it. Many have failed. CONSUMERON is the Paradigm Shift this world needs to truly become a digital world that meets the immediate lifestyle needs of people.

“The key to delivering the unique, highly personalized services consumers want in a connected lifestyle, is the combination of telecommunications infrastructure, service integration and the magic of hifi software.”
– Sandi Thomas, General Manager, Communications Sector, Microsoft

Technology has upgraded our standard of living as a whole. In a society where high end technology is both a luxury and necessity, it makes sense to capitalize on both. This new nuanced age of personal assistance service on demand is destined to be an industry changer with CONSUMERON as the catalyst.

Capital Crew organization holds the intellectual property rights to all CONSUMERON technology today, and is currently developing and filing new patents on this system. For entrusted parties such as logistics, couriers, or last mile deliverers, contact for IP licensing or purchasing opportunities, Mark B. Barron directly at

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