Morph Clothing: One Dress. Endless Possibilities.

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Morph Clothing: Desert Rose Modal Capsule Dress


Morph Clothing is an American sustainable women’s fashion brand that specializes in interchangeable dresses and scarves. After losing her grandmother, Cristy Pratt, (its founder) played around with her sewing machine and was able to create such wonderful pieces. Additionally, there are 20 ways to wear these dresses and scarves! Definitely such an ethical and minimal waste product!

Cristy also mentions that her dresses and scarves are not strictly for women, it is a gender fluid product. That is why it is called Morph clothing. Her main motto is “Simplify your life. Multiply your wardrobe”. Let us now take a look at 5 amazing pieces!


The first multi-way dress we feature to you is this flirtatious and sophisticated desert rose modal capsule dress. Made of stretchy comfortable fabric, this dress will not sacrifice comfort for style. Guess what? It also can be worn as a skirt and a blouse! Wear it for a formal or a casual event, it is definitely versatile and adaptable. Furthermore it can be a short dress or a long skirt. It can even be half as sleeve, strapless or double sleeved. How mind-blowing is that? Pair it with a strappy heel or Ballerina flats and you’re good to go!


Morph Clothing Womens Fashion Beverly Hills Magazine #fashion #shop #style #dresses #interchangeabledresses #scarf #sustainablefashion #morphclothing #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

The second lovely piece we present to you here is this chic Milan 6 in 1 Utaupea. It comes in another color black. Made of stretchy comfortable material, this design is surely flattering to the body and you wouldn’t feel any restrictions. Moreover, there are 12 ways to wear this piece! It can be worn as a jumpsuit with loose pants, or you may tie the ends of the pants to produce a slimmer silhouette. What’s more, it can also be used as a loungewear or a yoga pant. Truly, you must have this piece if you want to save on shopping. I can imagine this as a jumpsuit paired with nude pumps in the club, or gladiator sandals, or even just barefoot at the beach or yoga studio.


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The next glamorous multi way dress we show you here is this eye-catching MET gala gold capsule dress. Made of stretch fabric, you can be sure that this classy dress isn’t just about fashion, but about catering to your comfort as well. There are 13 ways to don this dress. Furthermore, it can be short or long, a style for every formal occasion! I can imagine this gorgeous dress paired with black stilettos for a wedding. It can even be worn short and paired with black knee-high boots for a fun night out with your girls! Not to mention, the color of this dress is absolutely to die for!


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The fourth piece we have here is the simple and versatile Moda, which is an accessory to your multi-way dress. It comes in several solid colors and various patterns which can be paired with a capsule dress as a one shoulder or strapless top. Furthermore, you can wear this under your dress as a bra or for extra comfort and smoothing. It is also a perfect belt to accessorize with your capsule dresses.


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The fifth and last piece we have here is this funky and wild nomad wrap in snakeskin. You can wear this as a top, a shawl, and a scarf! Talk about convenience. In addition to that it gives off such a comfortable, bohemian, sexy or couture vibe, it just depends where you are using it to. I can imagine this as a top with a black belt and short black skirt for a night out. It can also be worn as a shawl on top of a nude long strapless dress for a more formal gathering. Lastly, it can be a scarf or a belt for your long black dress at a musical festival for a bohemian feel. You definitely cannot go wrong with this dress!

In summary, we talked about 5 cool, versatile and multi-way pieces. Keep your wardrobe simple, yet your style collection endless with Morph Clothing! To see more adaptable and sustainable clothing we’ve written about before, click here.

Morph Clothing Sustainable Multi wear Fashion Beverly Hills Magazine #fashion #shop #style #dresses #interchangeabledresses #scarf #sustainablefashion #morphclothing #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

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