Mixed Chicks Hair Products

Halle Berry Beautiful Hair Secret!!!
Halle Berry Beautiful Hair Secret!!!

At Mixed Chicks, they’ve launched a revolution that celebrates the beauty and complexity of America’s melting pot with every shampoo, rinse, repeat available for different hair types. Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge are two “mixed chicks” who turned their frustrating haircare woes into an opportunity to create products that could handle the wily locks of bi-racial men and women everywhere. The result was a line of naturally beautifying solutions that transcend all hair types to provide the control, shine, and health they deserve.(Image Credit)

 When her frizzy curls just won’t learn to relax, the Morning After Redefining Foam from Mixed Chicks has her back. This next day refresher for yesterday’s curls is perfectly formulated for giving her a fresh look at the last minute. Simply apply it to dry hair and watch it work its magic as it gives her curls a new life.

 His Mix Firm Hold Gel is the latest addition to the Mixed Chicks Men’s line. Inspired by women who know what they like in a man, this gel will keep his hairstyle fresh and intact. With its amazing hold and appealing scent he has everything needed to block 99% of frizz while he walks, runs, or dances to the beat of his own drum.

 And the all new His Mix Daily Conditioner strengthens, detangles, and hydrates. With added castor oil, improve scalp circulation and promote healthy hair for an overall hair care routine that hydrates and gets just a touch of cleansing action that:

  • Softens
  • Moisturizes
  • Promotes Healthy Hair With Castor Oil

Mixed Chicks Beauty Products

From curling irons to hair color treatments, it’s easy for daily beauty rituals to take a toll on one’s hair. With Mixed Chicks’ Replenishing Oil there’s an easy way to revitalize and nurture each strand. Simply dab a cotton ball into the warmed, silicone-free oil and massage into the scalp, or add a few drops to a favorite leave-in conditioner for an extra bit of moisture and protection. It’s even great for use on one’s skin, helping to minimize age spots, wrinkles, scars, and burns.

 Mixed Chicks was founded in 2003 as the first beauty business to address the unique hair needs of the multi-ethnic community.  Since then, they have expanded from a web-based business to being sold in over 4000 retail outlets across the nation, UK, Caribbean, and Europe, and are a celebrity favorite of such stars as Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson, and many more.

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