Millennial Fashion Rules That Will Transform Your Life

Millennial Fashion: Rules That Will Transform Your Life Through Your Wardrobe#fashion
Millennial Fashion: Rules That Will Transform Your Life Through Your Wardrobe#fashion

Millennials have slowly but surely been taking over everything and changing the world in several ways, and fashion is merely another industry that millennials have gained power over. However, millennial fashion rules may very well be some of the most logical trends you could imagine. From practicality and comfort to durability and DIY solutions, millennial fashion is trending and one of the most notable reasons why could be that the general style is simply so appealing to a diverse crowd. If you are considering taking on the trend, the following fashion rules will help guide you to create the ultimate millennial wardrobe. (Image Credit: Godisable Jacob/ Pexels)

Personalized Essentials

Previously, many considered millennial fashion to be something of a street style, although, as the fashion adapts, it could be agreed that millennial fashion is simply an incredibly adaptable style. Therefore, millennial workwear, casual wear, and party wear have taken over. When you start transforming your wardrobe, you should start by including basic items that you have had personalized or that you have personalized yourself through DIY creativity. Custom tees and casual tops are the best items to personalize to make a notable statement. You could add images of splash a bit of paint on a regular tee and transform it into a one of a kind statement maker.

Comfortable Shoes That Are Durable

In days gone by, the fashion world lead the way and we found ourselves squashing out feet into the most uncomfortable heels and dress shows simply to look up to standard. However, as millennials are generally a generation after life’s comforts, we could only expect that their fashion trend would shun the idea that beauty is pain. Therefore, when shopping for shoes to add to your millennial wardrobe, you should shop with comfort and durability in mind while also opting for shoes that give off a unique vibe.

Trendy Labels Are Not Trendy Anymore

It may seem exceptionally strange, but trendy labels are not considered trendy according to millennial fashion rules. However, upcoming indie brands and classic brands are. This may simply be the millennial way of attempting to spend as little as possible in the struggling economy. Certain heritage labels, such as Levi’s remain in fashion as far as millennials are concerned and the generation is more than willing to invest in such heritage.

Merge Gender Norms

While previous trends would expect women to wear restricting outfits that were simply uncomfortable, millennial fashion aims for comfort. Therefore, lose cardigans and casual tees are paired with workwear while merging class and casual is also a big statement. Dressing the millennial way will not just transform your wardrobe, but also your life as other rules expect trendsetters to be socially conscious and aware of the brands they wear, avoiding those that do not compliment the new earth-friendly attitude that often completes a millennial’s wardrobe choices.

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