5 Top Jewelry Influencers and Bloggers

5 Top Jewelry Influencers and Bloggers #fashion #style #jewelry #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
5 Top Jewelry Influencers and Bloggers #fashion #style #jewelry #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

It’s important for every woman to at least follow the top influencers, so they don’t miss out on the latest trends. Sometimes you don’t even have to like them or what they represent, but they can teach you a thing or two about ladies’ fashion and accessories. Here are 5 must-follow influencers and bloggers every fashion-conscious lady should follow into the future. (Image Credit: Criosy/Pixabay)

#1-Della Fard

Have you ever tried to look for a flaw in someone and couldn’t find any even if your life depended on it? That’s how you will feel when you visit Della’s frequently updated IG page. She combines her love for classy, jewelry with stunning perfection.

Della Fard just loves doing her thing. There is something about her presence and style that makes her quite authentic. Maybe it’s the elegant, sometimes bold, attire she wears, her love for dogs (she is a self-confessed dog stalker- in the right way) or her accessories.

Follow Della if you are into elegant jewelry from the past, present and some that look futuristic. You will also love her sense of fashion and the exotic places she features in her posts. She gets a solid 10/10 rating for the top 5 jewelry influencers to follow in 2020.

#2- Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams comes in second on the list, but she is certainly not second by any measure. She is one of those jewelry influencers that makes you want to go ahead and purchase that silver heart necklace she is wearing on her latest post.

Don’t let her somewhat simple approach to modelling on IG fool you; this girl is a star in her own right. She’s been featured in top publications like Elle and worked for top modelling agencies in the world. The fact that she can, sometimes, manage to pull off the “girl next door” look in her posts is quite amazing.

Lucy is a must-follow influencer and model if you are a jewelry and accessories lover and like to keep it simple but stunning. She doesn’t overdo the influencer thing, but her posts garner thousands of views and likes every day. You will also love Lucy Williams if you are the outdoorsy type as most of her posts show her enjoying the sun or water somewhere beautiful or ordinary- like her backyard.

#3-Katerina Perez

Here is an influencer that will make you want to spend all your money on the latest jewelry. Katerina’s Instagram is purely focused on showcasing some of the best and rarest pieces out there. This successful Russian model-turned jewelry influencer knows a thing or two about ladies’ accessories.

You will find everything on her profile, including rarely seen pieces from top designers in Italy, intricately designed diamond and ruby pieces to simple but elegant pendants and necklaces. Some of her pieces might be on the higher side when it comes to pricing but you can use them for inspiration as you shop around.


It’s hard to write two sentences about jewelry influencers without mentioning @Gemgossip at some point.  Gemgossip genuinely does more than influencing jewelry lovers who follow her. She features beautiful pieces that she found on various platforms and those she wears. You can see the dedication to discovering extra-ordinary pieces by some of the items she puts on her posts.

#5-Ume Romaan Sacranie

Last but not least is @umeromaan. She gets on the list because of the specific audience she serves. Follow this influencer if you are into the classy, modern and official look when it comes to accessorizing. She loves posting elegant timepieces and subtle accessories that a modern corporate woman would fall in love with.

The Last Word

Influencers can help you get in with the trends when it comes to jewelry & accessories. While some of the pieces they showcase might be expensive or hard to find, you can find some inspiration from them and go for dreams. Have fun exploring what these influencers have to show!

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