Mansion For The Mega Rich

Mansion Must Haves For The Mega Rich
Mansion Must Haves For The Mega Rich

Ah, the lives of the rich and famous, plagued by decisions that will last for decades. For example, what would they like the standout feature in their mansion to be? Superhomes have come a long way in recent decades, and if anything they’ve become more subtle and “minimalist” in terms of their design. But they’ve also achieved levels of comfort and decadence unattainable in previous generations. Still, some things always stay the same, and what today’s mega rich want in their mansion isn’t all that different from what the mega rich of yesteryear wanted.  

Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment

The mega rich, especially the rich and famous, don’t want to spend their time driving around and queuing to get to the best entertainment possible: they want it right in their home. That means the must haves include swimming pools with adjoining slide, pool tables, arcade games, and the old favorite: the cinema. It is the cinema that really makes a mansion stand out, as it serves no other purpose than allowing the owner to lounge out and watch epic action films without another soul around. That’s living.

Homes for the Future

The latest technology is a must have for any modern mansion worth its weight in gold. Today, home technology is another level entirely from what has gone before, and it’s getting more and more sophisticated with the emergence of “the internet of things”, which allows people to control devices from afar in ways never before achieved. The technology also brings the added comfort of improved security levels for homes that clearly have a lot of valuables inside.

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The Right Names, from Zip Code to Artist

With mansions, it all comes to names. The town and postcode it is in, for example, as well as who designed it: a property by Nicolas Livsit was designed in conjunction with artist Sophie Rouillon; an important detail in a mega mansion market. It also comes down to who else lives in the area, especially in the case of the mansions surrounding Los Angeles. It could be an A-Lister, after all.

All In the Surroundings

Having a mansion is important, but what’s inside the home won’t matter at all if it’s not in an area that makes the jaws of every visitor drop. This means in cities being on the top floor of the most exclusive building in town, or on the coasts having a view of the ocean that will never get tiring.

Staying Fit, Healthy, and Glamorous

For the super famous who rely on their good looks or athletic prowess to maintain their wealthy status, you’ll find the next level of home personal fitness centers in their mansions. Tennis courts are a staple, while full-size basketball courts aren’t that uncommon either. For the serious enthusiasts, motor racing tracks around property allow the owner to make the most use of their extensive lands. Then there’s also the one addition that ensures a start is glamorous: the helipad, which can be used to whisk the star to a nearby private airfield.


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