Making A Home Recording Studio? Here’s How To Find Top Equipment

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Music is not just a passion, it is a way of living. Nowadays, there is a huge number of aspiring artists, with innovative ideas that constantly seek and invent new things, until now, unknown to the music industry. Earlier, buying all the equipment necessary for music-making was a serious investment. However, the era changed considerably, and music equipment for a bedroom setup, even with a tight budget, can give you serious performances and make studio-like music. The problem is to figure out where to begin. The answer to the question is encouraging since there is no correct one. However, there are some essentials that you need if your music intentions are professional.


There is a great possibility for you to use the computer as your centerpiece. Perhaps you would like to have it all saved in the box, in the digital workstation, like Ableton or Logic Pro X. Computer can be used as the place for sound storage and any kind of sound editing. Actually, a lot of devices, like microphones and electronic instruments. can be directly plugged in the computer, automatically enabling you to do both simple and complex sound manipulations depending on your own preferences.

Another important matter about the computer is the operating system. iOs or Windows, the question is now.  Some of the applications and plug-ins are available only for the specific operating system. Therefore, Logic Pro X is only iOS available. However, there is a solution. Applicative software like Apple’s Booth Camp will let you install Windows apps on your Macbook or Mac PC. But the best solution is to combine both of them if you can financially manage. Hence, you should use Mac or iOS operating system for the production and Windows for the live performances and recordings. Another thing you should consider is two-screens work. This will make your workflow more efficient and faster.

The second decision you have to make is whether to go with a laptop or PC. If you are planning to perform on your computer and use it for work on the road, then it is a much better solution for you to go with a laptop. The laptop helps collaborate and can store a huge amount of data. Additionally, it is the best option to have a computer with 8GB or above for your RAM.


Do not save on this piece of equipment. Headphones will enable you to hear and feel how your music sounds without speakers. It can be quite tiring to go for hours with the speakers, especially if you live in a town. So having a pair of monitoring speakers will enable you to work and wear them for hours and not feel tired. Another good thing with headphones is that they give you a chance for detailed mixing which can add some spice to your music and significant texture of the sound which appear to be the trademarks of a huge number of musicians. If you are having a doubt about which one to buy, you can always go with the No 1 headphone brand, and be sure that you will not make a mistake. Also, there is some advice from experienced musicians on this matter as well as any other question regarding the best equipment.

Audio Interface

An audio interface also known as a sound card is a funny piece of equipment. There are numerous variations of these, and they can cost a couple of hundreds of dollars. But, it is extremely important to choose the right one. Why? You plug it in, set it up and your job is finished for the time being. It may appear as a no big deal. But, it is a huge deal. This is a type of converter that will process your music and get it into your computer. If you have some additional plug-ins like mic, hardware synths, voice, guitar, etc. This is the only way to get the sound on the computer and process it. The audio interface converts analog to digital and vice versa. It may appear unnecessary, but it is. Your computer has integrated converters but the ones for Spotify, and Zoom meetings. If you want to pursue a professional music career, then you will need a professional interface.

When you decide on a music career, then you should remember to take small steps and to choose your equipment smart. Start with a few essentials and the rest of it can be added as your career grows. You should keep in mind to go for quality and not for the price.

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