Luxury Travel Tips Without Spending A Fortune

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Travelling in luxury is an unforgettable way to take a trip, and once you’ve experienced luxury travel, it’s hard to go back to budget trips. Luxury travel can, of course, be expensive. If you love luxury travel but don’t have the budget to do it as often as you’d like, there are a few great ways to save some money without going back to the economic lifestyle. 

  1. Choose your destination based on how long you will be away. For shorter trips, it’s better to stay closer to home, whereas if you have more time, you can go abroad. Longer flights are usually more expensive, so it is better to spread that cost over a longer trip. Save long-haul for longer trips. 
  2. Book an Airbnb. A vacation rental or Airbnb can be a good way to stay in luxury accommodation for a much lower price than a hotel or resort. When you search for an Airbnb, check the map for places near upscale hotels. This is usually a good sign it will be a classy property. 
  3. Watch out for deals. If you’re happy to travel off-season, you might be able to find some excellent deals for everything from hotels to yacht rental. Sign up for mailing lists for travel deals, and follow hotels you like on social media. Keep an eye on the hotel’s own website too to see when they have on offer. 
  4. Stay outside of the main tourist areas. If you’re not in the most popular areas, you can get a lot more for your budget and can explore an area that the tourists often miss out on. You’ll pay less for the same level of luxury and get a more authentic experience. 
  5. Visit a less popular city. The main tourist traps will always be more expensive, but other cities are still worth a trip. Instead of paying a lot to stay in a popular destination like Paris, try a less popular city in France and pay a lot less. Hotels, food and tourist attractions will always be cheaper away from the major cities. 
  6. Find cheap flights on Skyscanner. Any savvy traveller knows to check Skyscanner for good deals on flights. If you don’t mind where you go, you can find some great deals by using their ‘Everywhere’ tool. Put in the airport you’ll fly from, and the time of year, then hit ‘everywhere, to see the cheapest prices for different places. 
  7. Travel offseason. Even popular destinations can be a lot more budget-friendly at different times of the year. If you can, take your trip at a less busy time of year, you could save a lot. If you don’t have children, travel during term-time for the most savings. Some destinations can be cheaper during the winter. 
  8. Look out for last-minute deals. Not much of a planner? This could actually save you some money when you book your next trip. Keep an eye out for last-minute deals with airlines, third party websites and travel agents. 
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