Luxury Travel On a Budget

Luxury Travel On A Budget
Luxury Travel On A Budget

Traveling is a costly hobby and comes in the list of luxury for many people, especially if you want to indulge in some of the world’s luxury hotels and accommodations. It is not something that you do on a whim. Traveling needs a lot of planning and budgeting, so that you do not come back all covered with debt.

A lot of people do not think about traveling because of the budget reasons and miss out on the fun that traveling is. One has to get out of this thinking and make exclusive plans to travel the world; there is so much to put on the bucket list. But how, when the funds are low? Let us understand a few points that will make traveling cheap yet memorable.

Traveling is something we take up exclusively to get out of our daily lives, so it has to be laid back and relaxing. A lot of planning goes behind a successful trip. From planning the tickets of the jet aircraft to the stay, all needs to be meticulously planned in order to avoid chaos and save money.

Budget Traveling Tips

Here are a few points from us that will help you travel the world on a budget and also have the best time of your life.

Luxury Travel On A BudgetTravel

If you decide to travel on a whim, nobody can help you save money. Last minute decisions cost extra in everything, including travel. Booking your tickets a day before you want to travel, will cost you way more than when you do it in advance. Hence, it is advised to avoid traveling on a whim. Make a plan, decide a date and book your jet aircraft tickets well in advance. You are sure to get a lot of discount on your jet aircraft tickets that way.

Also, choose the mode of transport smartly. Avoid costly ones wherever you can but that does not mean that you compromise with the comfort of your family. If you need to take a jet aircraft to some place, do it. It is just that sometimes everything you need may come in a cheaper package too, so research well in advance and decide what is best for you exclusive of what may be the most luxurious option.


When traveling, you need not always stay in luxury hotels. To budget the travel, you can choose from a lot of low budget hotels that are good enough. One can find many 3 star hotels easily that are good and cheap too. They definitely come with fewer facilities than luxury hotels, but a compromise can be made for the sake of budget. After all you do not need a fancy chandelier in your room always and what about that Jacuzzi? So, for once ignore the lure of the luxury hotels and steep down to the cheaper ones.

Luxury can be and have to be compromised when traveling on a budget. Cut down on your list of expectations from a hotel, based on your comfort level. This will save a lot of money for you. One more great idea to save money on stays is to rent apartments.

You will find them easily in almost all the countries now. These apartments are fully furnished homes and come with a working kitchen. They are very cheap as compared to hotels plus give you the comfort of home.

Luxury Travel On A BudgetFood

Though Food should not be a part of budgeting while traveling, but it is important to purge smartly in order to save some money. When traveling, it is good to try the local cuisines and have a good time but sometimes this will end up in huge bills. So, it is essential to plan the food too. If you are a food enthusiast and plan to eat the local food, do so by finding good local eateries.

Local eateries are cheap and provide original local cuisines. You can have the same dishes in a luxury hotel but that will be at 5 times the rate. Local eateries are mostly home run and provide traditional food at minimal rates. Also, try to have one meal of the day that is cheap. A good idea would be to try the complimentary buffet at your hotel for breakfast and save that money for later use in one of your favorite luxury hotels.


Yes bringing back souvenirs is important but make sure you do not over do it. Only buy stuff that you will never find in your hometown. When on a vacation we almost get too happy and forget how we need to spend the money. Especially the ladies out there, they start behaving like Queens and try to purchase everything that looks pretty to their eyes.

On a vacation, try to avoid shopping completely. As already motioned, purchase only the things that you will find nowhere else other than your vacation spot. Shopping is a forbidden luxury when traveling on budget.

There are saving techniques that can help you enjoy luxury travel on budget. Choose the one that suits you and your family the best and have a vacation that doesn’t leave you penniless.

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