Luxury Love: Planning A High End Wedding

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Are you the type of person who does not do anything by halves? Have you always dreamed of having a wedding that tops the tables when it comes to luxury? Fear not, as here are some ideas to help you plan a high-end wedding that no one will forget.

The budget

For many couples, the budget is the deciding factor in how luxurious their wedding is. However, doing it on a smaller budget does not mean that you have to skimp on the things that you want. It may just mean getting a little more creative. For example, many people love lab-created diamonds, so look at this as an option for your ring rather than naturally created ones. The difference is barely noticeable, if at all, but the cost isn’t – and they are much more ethical, too.

The theme

You want luxury, but do you want that as the main theme, or incorporated into something else? For example – a bohemian wedding? A beach wedding? A vintage wedding? All of these are possible while being luxurious at the same time. Consider your interests and lifestyle. If you are a laid back boho type couple, a wedding full of bling is not going to seem like ‘you’. In the same vein, if you are city people through and through, a vintage countryside wedding is going to seem a little bit odd. Go with your personality and look at how to add the high-end touches afterward. 

The venue

Obviously, your budget and your theme will have some input on this. A luxury wedding can happen indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two. Just make sure that whatever you choose, you can incorporate the elements that you want. For example, a beach wedding can have a red carpet. A boho wedding can surprise everyone with a light-up dancefloor on the night. Just make sure that you have contingency plans for outdoor weddings in case of poor weather forecasts. 

The invitations

The invitations set the tone for your wedding, so this is your opportunity to really show guests what they can expect. Sometimes, it is the tiny details that can make a big difference –a beautiful font or foiled edges, a waxed seal, or some sparkling gems. Don’t forget to add in a stamped address RSVP card – your guests will appreciate not having to hunt for stamps and envelopes or pay for them.

The food

Food is a significant part of the wedding for many people, guests, and the newly married couple alike. This is a chance to really go to town. Look for caterers that use the finest quality foods, preferably seasonal and locally produced, and offer options for specific dietary needs. Make sure that you taste everything before agreeing to the menu and avoid anything that guests may get into a mess with. While soup is a popular appetizer, it can also be difficult and messy to eat. Don’t forget to carefully look at pairing the wine with each course too.

When it comes to planning a high-end wedding, it is never the big details that anyone notices, but the little things. Make sure these are all up to scratch and your wedding will be as luxurious as they come, no matter what the budget. 

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