5 Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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If you have not started your holiday shopping, now is the time to dive in. The holidays will be here before you know it, making it important that you start crossing off those names from your list. Here are five great gift ideas for the holidays in 2020.

Food and Drink

If you are struggling with what to give that person on your list that already has everything, consider gifting them with a fun food or drink item. Everyone loves a gourmet food item that they would not think to buy themselves. You can put together a gift basket of goodies from your hometown or make a variety of homemade baked goods. If you do not have time to put together a basket yourself, there are many online vendors that sell a host of themed food and drink bundles.

It’s also fun to think of ways to combine food and drinks with something else, creating an even more meaningful gift. Lots of people are looking for the best whiskey advent calendar for loved ones who enjoy this alcoholic beverage. Not only will they be able to enjoy learning about different types of whiskey, but they will also have something to look forward to every day in December!


When it comes to gift-giving, cash will always be king. Not only is this gift much appreciated by nearly everyone universally, but it also is a convenient way for you to show that you care. Even if you do not live near your loved one, you can easily send money online all over the world through Western Union. They will love being able to access this cash from wherever they are located.

Cozy Blanket

Who doesn’t love a new cozy blanket to cuddle up with? You can buy a soft sherpa blanket or even a custom made pet photo blanket. Pair this gift with fuzzy slippers or a jumbo coffee mug for the perfect cozy bundle. Another good complimentary gift to elevate the blanket is a scented candle. Make it a holiday theme by choosing a red and green flannel or other festive print.

Personalized Photo Book

If you are looking for a sentimental gift, a custom photo book might fit the bill. It is easy to create your own book using personal photos on many gift-giving websites. Simply choose your theme and design style and drop in your photos to create a book full of special memories. You can even add text to personalize the sentimental gift even further. Your loved one will delight in flipping through the pages of this meaningful addition to their coffee table.

Gift Card

In addition to cold hard cash, people love receiving gift cards so that they can choose their own special present. Depending on their interests, you may want to consider a clothing apparel store, a favorite restaurant, or a general merchandise site with a wide array of options. One of the best things about a gift card is that you can spend exactly what you intend. It is also easy to email gift card links so that you save on shipping the present.

Shopping for the holidays does not have to be something to dread. Any of these five gift ideas will make it easy for you to cross this task off of your list of things to do during this busy season.

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