Luxury Helicopter At Its Best: Agusta AW 139

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If you are an aviation pundit, you are aware of the fact that Agusta range of helicopters is some of the top deck in the luxurious world. That said, numerous celebrities and entrepreneurs – Brad Pitt, Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump, etc. – that have the lavish craze invest heavily in cool helicopters.

Agusta is an Italian company that manufactures helicopters and Agusta AW 139 – 31392 is one of them. This robust helicopter was manufactured in April 2012 in the company’s main factory, Finmeccanica. Currently, it has flown for about 248: 57 hours and still looks brand new.

So, you want to buy a helicopter? Well, let’s unpack this lap of luxury and see what it has to offer. Ready? Let’s go!

Silver Agusta 139W Luxury Helicopter

Sturdy Engines = State of the Art Performance

Meanwhile, the AW 139 features a pair of Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turboshaft engines. In fact, these engines give it a maximum speed of 310 km/h flat out and a cruise speed 306 km/h. Likewise, the twin engines have 1142kw (1,531hp) maximum continuous power, which propels the helicopter for a maximum range of 750 km without refueling.

Thankfully, the helicopter’s engine power reserve enables you to achieve a safe flight even on one engine at a maximum take-off weight of 6,400 kg. Well, with this, you can fly from Dallas to Tennessee without a fuss and access those tight areas a luxurious car or jet cannot reach.

Luxury At Its Best

This 7 seater luxurious helicopter features 3 leather coated armchairs that come with safety belts and internal reels. Similarly, there are an extra 4 plush leather seats that are also equipped with safety belts, internal reels, and under-seat skirts. Want some quiet time? If so, there are Bose headsets – among the best in the world.

What about reading the newspaper as you enjoy your flight? Agusta AW 139 got you covered, you will find a fashion cabinet with a newspaper holder, and if you want a private meeting, the passenger cabin is separated with sliding doors.

Not to mention top-tier soundproofing, air conditioning system, a thick carpet, and Active Vibration Control System that ensures you have a vibration-free flight. Equally, this luxurious helicopter comes with a customized VIP finish that suits you.

Agusta 139W Helicopter Cockpit


Your pilot and co-pilot will have one heck of a ride. Why? They’ll be treated with crashworthy seats that come with safety belts and inertial reel. Equally important is the sun-glare shield that protects them from direct sunlight. In fact, they can enjoy the uninterrupted sunlight thanks to the overhead window sun shades.

Meanwhile, there is a first aid kit, flashlights for both the pilot and co-pilot, emergency exits that are fitted with fluorescent lights, and the much-needed map and data cases that are found in the pilot and co-pilot doors.

How Much Should You Shell Out?

To get hold of one of these cool helicopters, you need to part with $9,826,769.68/ €8.800.000. Well, this is quite a lucrative price given the features you are bound to enjoy. It is safe, speedy and ultimately sturdy for those journeys around big city parks.


If you want to buy a helicopter, the Agusta AW 139, listed for sale by Hollman International in Germany, is the right fit for you. Complete with a VIP finish décor, powerful engines and a competitive price, you’ll definitely see the value for your money. So, what do you like about this helicopter? Let us know.

Blue Agusta 139W Luxury Helicopter

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