Best Luxury Furniture for Mansions

Selva Luxury Furniture for Mansions
Selva Luxury Furniture for Mansions

Italian Furniture

No other country comes close to the levels that the Italians have achieved in furniture designing. Italian designers as a whole, exceed in any field and time after time surpass in providing luxury goods to the world. Their furniture completes this point with decadence and elegance from indoors to the most intimate of settings to the outdoors, perfect for entertaining. These Italian designers of luxury furniture are a cut above the rest giving style and class to every room which all beautiful mansions deserve.

Estiluz Lighting (Pictured)

Lighting up the mansion is a project in itself. It has to highlight the opulent look of the architecture & interiors of the rooms, and complement the existing furniture. At the same time, it needs to stand out without overshadowing any of the features in the mansion. This Spanish company designs wall light and chandeliers using a variety of mediums like silver, crystal, stainless steel and wood. The designs are ultra modern to very traditional.

Selva Luxury Furniture for Mansions

Selva Italian Furniture

Selva designs range from the very traditional Louis Phillipe, Opera, Villa Borghese, Bellagio styled furniture to modern cuts. From dining rooms, living rooms, consoles, chair sets, the handmade furniture uses the best and the most expensive materials that last longer and the finishes don’t get dull after years of use. For modern tastes, the Downtown range fills the appetite for Art Deco styled coffee tables and dining tables. These ultimate luxury goods that Selva produces are shipped worldwide.

Ascension Luxury Furniture for Mansions
Ascension Luxury Furniture for Mansions

Ascension Latorre

If you want to give your mansion a reinterpreted look that gives off strong modern vibes but retains the traditional features, Latorre is a choice to consider. With passionately designed Spanish sofas, they combine the art of modern lighting and traditional sense of proportions to make your mansions architecture & interiors the talk of the town.

Brazo Luxury Furniture for Mansions
Brazo Luxury Furniture for Mansions

Brazo Floor Lamps

No interior is complete without floor lamps. They add softness to the huge rooms in the mansions and light up dark spots that would otherwise be simply too dark. Floor lamps cast artistic shadows on the walls and throw a bit of their glow on the furniture pieces as well. These luxury goods are as expensive as their opulent loos, but worth every penny.

Brazo lamps do just that but with style. You can also custom order lights as suggested by your interior designer. Masters of designing LED lights, these modern creations can inspire whole room themes for mansions of any style.

Emu Luxury Furniture for Mansions
Emu Luxury Furniture for Mansions

Outdoor furniture

The fun in owning a mansion is that you have great outdoors within the boundary walls. Pools, gardens, BBQ places need outdoor furniture that matches the same quality as the indoor furniture.

Emu, the Italian outdoor furniture maker is at the top of a shortlist. They design metal, teak and wicker luxury goods that give elegance to the architecture & interiors of mansions all over the world. Stylish sun beds, tables, and chairs offer a different thought process that gives individuality to their work. For truly unique pieces, Emu is the designer to call.

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