Buying Tips For A Garden Hose Reel

Beverly Hills Magazine Buying Tips For A Garden Hose Reel
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Gardening or simply maintaining your lawn can get pretty messy, which is why a garden hose is a necessary tool. However, garden hoses are the one piece of equipment that gets damaged the most. In addition to this, since it’s very long it stands longer chances of being mishandled and more chances of damages in total. This is exactly why having a garden hose reel is important. Let’s review the benefits. 

Benefits Of A Garden Hose Reel

First and foremost, a garden hose reel prevents kinks and therefore any further damages to the garden hose. By using the reel you ensure that each time you store your hose, it’s stored correctly. Furthermore, a garden hose reel prevents leaks from the hose because proper storage ensures it doesn’t get damaged as previously discussed. Most garden hose reels have an appendage that allows gardeners to hang them, making them even more convenient to store. Lastly, a hose reel will ensure that the hazard of having garden hoses spread out over the yard is eliminated. Since garden hoses can be very hard to see since they are often green and blend in with the grass, they are a huge tripping hazard, which may cause some serious injuries such as broken bones. 

Hose Diameters Are Important

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a garden hose reel is the hose diameter. Simply put, the hose diameter of your reel will determine what kind of hose you can store in it. The two most common hose diameters that are commonly used are a 1/2” and a 5/8” hose. A long 1/2” hose is generally the most used hose for watering for longer periods, and a 5/8” is used for shorter watering tasks. This is why most reels come in these two hose diameters. Some more advanced hose reels have two kinds of hose diameters, both the 1/2″ and the 5/8” hose diameters. This makes hose reels more suitable for your gardening needs and offers more storage in just one garden hose reel. 

Look For Easy Assemble

Another very important buying tip you should be aware of before purchasing a garden hose reel is to look for one that’s quite easy and intuitive to assemble and use. Your garden hose reel should come with detailed instructions on how to be assembled and used. Furthermore, if you want the best of the best, you might want to look for hose reels that have an auto-rewind system. In addition to this, some hose reels that have a 9-mode hose nozzle and a lock system will also be extremely convenient and will help you save plenty of time while you’re getting that perfect lawn. All of these aspects such as an auto-rewind system, lock system, and a modified nozzle make hose reels one of the most convenient gardening tools to consider buying. 

Garden hose reels are one of those tools that can make your gardening more convenient and utterly easy that you’ll be wondering how you could ever spend hours watering your lawn without having them. Make sure to consider all of these buying tips before heading to the store. 

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