How Is A Basement Waterproofed?

Beverly Hills Magazine How Is A Basement Waterproofed?
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When you experience water damage in your basement, your friend suggests you seek the best waterproofing services. You wonder what’s included in this service and how a basement is waterproofed. It’s time to get answers to these questions. Waterproofing a basement means closing and sealing all water entry points in your basement so that you won’t have to experience water damage later in your life. Here are three standard methods used by contractors.

Sealants and Epoxy Injection

It is the most inexpensive basement repair method. When you notice gaps and cracks on the basement walls, you need to hire a waterproofing service provider. They will apply top-quality sealants and epoxy injections to offer a fix. Many homeowners opt for these methods as they don’t have the budget to deal with drainage problems. However, it’s not a final fix for water damage. Using sealants or epoxy injections is more like a band-aid approach. Sooner or later, you need to deal with foundation-related issues. 

Before you hire an expert, ask him what kind of sealant he will apply on your walls. The epoxy injection has a tendency to crack when wall material expands and crack. Ensure to pick a material that offers a combination of flexible sealant with an impermeable membrane and porous foam.

Exterior Waterproofing

In this method, contractors will waterproof your basement from outside. They apply sealants and other materials to the gaps, cracks, and openings. The purpose of sealing walls from outside is to prevent the entry of water from exterior home areas. 

Experts also excavate trench around your basement and then install drain tile. This method is quite effective as even if water accumulates around the foundation, it will drain out and won’t find a way inside your home.

Both methods are combined to keep your basement fully waterproof. The main reason homeowners give up on the idea of exterior waterproofing is its cost. The whole process requires more time and money. It’s because exterior soil excavation takes time. Another problem is that external drains are prone to clog so that they may flood your basement later.

Interior Waterproofing

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of bucks on exterior excavation, then an affordable fix in installing drain tile inside. In this method, contractors excavate a trench inside the basement perimeter and then install the tiles. Now water coming inside your basement will readily repel out and won’t ruin your home foundation.

What Method do You Need to Pick?

If you are tight on budget but don’t want to deal with water issues in the upcoming rain season, then you should hire waterproofing service expert Parma and ask them for epoxy injections. This solution is temporary but offers you a good fix. Another option is the installation of interior drain tile. It costs a little bit more than injection but offers a permanent solution. Exterior waterproofing is costly but indeed the most effective method. It’s like sealing the whole space and saying goodbye to water-related issues in your basement for a very long time.

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