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Look Organics is a health and beauty brand which is anti cruelty and environment friendly. It is not just merely a brand but a lifestyle which promotes looking at beauty and health with better perspective. This means that health and beauty isn’t just physical. Additionally, it is also about the mental, emotional and spiritual part of the body. Founded in 2019 by Caroline Candice who is a registered Orthomolecular Health practitioner, she wants to make sure that we are able to take our power back in making great decisions when it comes to our health.

Furthermore, making deeper, more conscious decisions and getting products worth our money. Truly, a lot of beauty and health care products are innovating themselves these days to make amazing changes that don’t stick to a superficial level. Let us now take a look at 5 nourishing body and skincare products.

CALM (Pictured Above)

The first product from Look Organics we feature to you here is Calm which is a multivitamins and supplement. Composed of Magnesium and L-Theanine, they work together to repair and support muscle, heart and bone function, help in cellular regeneration, and optimizes your vitamin D. Moreover it also improves energy production, mood and sleep alongside reducing stress levels and promotes relaxation. This is a multivitamin and supplement I definitely will keep in my kitchen cupboard to take first thing after breakfast. It is recommended to take 3  capsules per day. Do not forget to grab this essential and helpful medicine that your body will thank you for!


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The second beauty product we present to you is this moisturizer with the best reviews, Restore. Made of Trumella mushrooms, olive oil and shea butter organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil and vitamin E, these premium ingredients will surely keep your skin supple, light and always hydrated. In addition to that, it is anti aging, anti-inflammatory and is packed with multiple antioxidants that protects skin from stress and regenerates damaged skin cells. I wouldn’t want my day and night moisturizer any other way! Lastly, if your skin is sensitive, you need not worry. People with sensitive skin may also use it.


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The third beauty product we have here is this all in one hydrating cleanser, serum and moisturizer, Bioactive Complex. Made of Tamanu seed oil, Seabuckthorn oil, Resvatrol and other 200 compounds that work together to repair oxidative damage, promote the formation of collagen, and deeply purify and hydrate the skin. Loaded with anti-inflammatory properties plus antioxidants, it produces more collagen for the skin and it also promotes healing. Lastly, it has anti bacterial properties which prevent acne. Where can you find a product which is a cleaner, a serum and a moisturizer all in one? I didn’t think it would be possible!


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The fourth product by this fabulous brand is this acne treatment cream, Clear. Composed of Tea tree oil, green Matcha tea and Echinacea, it is not just an anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial but also a gentle exfoliator and moisturizer. The tea tree oil improves healing of scars and complexion. Second, the matcha green tea rejuvenates the underlying skin, diminishes the appearance of wide pores and reduces oil production. Third, the Echinacea is a nourishing element, reducing skin color difference and prevents wrinkles. Additionally, it also help fight acne breakouts caused by bacteria.


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The fifth and final beauty product we show you here is this Vitamin C serum, Renew. Made of Rosehip seed oil, Astaxanthin and Amla seed oil, it fights anti aging, brightens and regenerates as well as moisturizes. Furthermore this serum also treats dark circles under the eyes, acne spots, eczema patches and hyper-pigmentation. To use this lovely serum, put at least 5 drops on your skin and massage using the upward motion. Applying this to damp skin will allow better penetration and absorption.

All of Look Organics Products are home essentials and leaving the house without applying it is like not taking your daily does of important vitamins. What’s also good about this is so many of them work as cleaner, anti-acne, anti-aging and moisturizer all in one! Where can you find such convenience? What are you waiting for and give your skin and body the best present ever at Look Organics! To see another science-based skincare product we recently featured click here.

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