LOLAVIE: Hair Care by Jennifer Aniston

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Lolavie Hair Glossing Detangler


Lolavie is a haircare product that is sure to solve your real hair problems with its cutting edge and fuss free technology. Furthermore, Lolavie combines the best of Science and nature, giving you the best results for hair care. Furthermore, Jennifer Aniston, who needs to introduction to any of us is the creator and marketer of this product. That’s how we know it’s standards are hard to top, with her inclination with medical journals and health innovations. Additionally, it is a sustainable brand, doing no harm to the environment and animals. What makes someone a “Lola” of Lolavie? Someone natural, confident and owns who they truly are, just like Jennifer Aniston. Let us now take a look at 2 products from the haircare line that we all need in our bathrooms!


The first product we feature to you here is Lolavie’s Glossing detangler. It is 99% naturally made. It is a lightweight spray that helps detangle hair and enhance its shine with some fragrant lemon extract. Moreover, it is compact with smooth superfruit complex and vegetable ceramides, which protects against damage by harnessing the power of chia seeds. What’s more it has been awarded the best prime shine hair detangler for Cosmo Magazine this year. Your beauty kit inside the bag will not be complete without this product. Spray anywhere, before an important event or just to feel refreshed! Get this for only $25.00!


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The next product we have here is Lolavie’s Perfecting leave-in conditioner. Similarly, it is 99% naturally derived like the Glossing detangler. When you leave it on your scalp, it hydrates hair, fights frizz and smooths with a superfruit complex and the Rose of Jericho, as well as protects with a vegan thermal shield and holds style longer with bamboo extract. In addition to that, this multitasking cream also repairs the look of existing damage while protecting from future damage by harnessing the power of chia seeds. This product is perfect to bring when you’re at the beach or playing outdoor sports. It will do less damage and even keep your hair supple. Get this for only $29.00!

In summary, these two products change pave the new way for natural and cutting edge hair technology, all thanks to Jennifer Aniston who embodies an all natural and no fuss woman. Shop for yours now here! To check out more all natural beauty products that are sustainable, click here.

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