In Their Shadow: Musicians Of Today

Neil Peart from RUSH

Music can be a wonderful thing. It can make you feel awash with sadness or joy; without any exchange of words or visual references. Instead, music uses simple sound to convey it’s message. And, the beautiful thing about sound is that it’s incredibly flexible. By manipulating the right instrument in the right way; it’s possible come up with some very unique sounds. Unfortunately, a lot of modern artists are afraid of breaking the mould. Those who do, though, have made a huge splash in their industry. It isn’t even the music that they play with their instruments; it’s the way that they play it that makes artists like this special. These are some of the industries musicians that aren’t on the forefront of the limelight but their talent is nothing short of spectacular. (Image Source/Wikimedia)

  • Neil Peart

Sometimes, the best artists will surprise you. A lot of people see drums as one of the lesser parts of a band. They help the rest of the musicians keep the beat. So, with that alone, it’s easy to see that they actually play a very large role in the band dynamic. Some drummers take things a step further, though. And, Neil Peart is a great example. Peart is the drummer for the world-famous band Rush. The band grew to fame in the late 60s, in the new wave of rock music that was emerging at the time. Despite starting so long ago, the band is still active today. This is partly due to their ability to adapt to current trends with their music; covering a wide-range of different styles and genres over the years.

But, their success can also be blamed on the talent they hold. As a band, they’re all good. But, Peart truly outshines them all. By some, peart is considered the very best drummer of all time. Of course, this is debatable. But, no one can argue that he isn’t brilliant at what he does. His style has remained very solid throughout his career. He focuses on speed, power, and precision in his playing. This results in a moving sound that makes the listener feel very in touch with the artist. This sort of music is good for most people; considering Rush have covered so much.

GZA from WuTang Clan

  • GZA

A musical instrument doesn’t have to be a physical object. Instead, some artists use their voices to do the work. There’s no shortage of excellent singers in the world, though. So, covering them would be a little boring. Thankfully, GZA offers something a little different. His greatness isn’t based on the sound of his voice; instead, it’s what he says. GZA is a hip-hop artist with record of with other very popular musicians, like Wu-Tang Clan. There are plenty of great rappers out there, though. So, what makes GZA so special? Most artists in the field write to sound cool or tough. But, GZA uses his words to convey an intelligent and thoughtful message. He currently holds the world record for the highest number of unique words in a rapper’s back-catalog. Take a look ar his music on a website like This will give you a good idea of the depth in his songs. But, of course, most hip-hop isn’t designed for everyone. Anyone can appreciate the level of talent and dedication he has for his music, though. (Image Source/Flickr)

Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders

  • Tosin Abasi

You may or may not have heard of a band called Animals As Leaders. This band has found great success across the world in recent years. Using a unique blend of melodic riffs and intricate drum beats, they have been able to create a very unique sound for themselves. But, the band itself doesn’t matter here. Instead, you should be interested in Tosin Abasi; the lead guitarist and founder of the group. Abasi’s role in the band is a huge one. His incredible skills on the guitar has played a huge role in shaping the sound that the band creates. (Image Source/Wikimedia)

Abasi isn’t just a good guitar player, though; he’s also a unique one. Instead of playing using traditional metal conventions, Abasi blends techniques used by loads of different types of guitarist. A lot of the band’s songs rely on no strumming at all. Instead, hammer-ons are used to create the sound that the band is known for. If you like melodic metal or semi-heavy ambient music; Animals As Leaders could be the perfect band for you. The masterpieces that Abasi creates are enough to inspire most to musical-action. If you find yourself hit by the guitar-bug; you’ll want to check out some sites like They can help you to get your hands on a good instrument for your money. And, they can teach you more about some of your favorite artists.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start getting out there to listen to some more unique music. A lot of artists want to produce music that has a twist to it. And,  lot of these people are becoming more popular. Over time, it will get easier to find artists like this; it’s just a matter of time before more catch on.


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