In Style Luxury Slippers

In Style Luxury Slippers by Luxe Me Now (LMN)
In Style Luxury Slippers by Luxe Me Now (LMN)

For the woman who craves a luxury slipper with elegance, style and comfort – one that can be worn in the privacy of the bedroom or at a posh black-tie event.– a new Los Angeles-based venture has fulfilled your wish by creating the perfect Cinderella slippers just for you.

 LMN (Luxe Me Now) is a newly launched collection of extraordinary slippers that are at once chic, feminine and versatile.  With simply gorgeous fabrics and hand-sewn embellishments, LMN debuted its first collection this past Holiday season at Saks Fifth Avenue and will soon expand into other national retailers and regional boutiques.  Gracing the pages of lifestyle magazines, the brand begs the question, How can women be glamorous both inside and outside the bedroom?  The answer: It’s LMN-tary!

 LMN-Luxe-Me-Now-Luxury-Slippers-In-Style-Magazine-Styles-Fashion-World-Mary-Ann-Weisberg-Frances-You-Beverly-Hills-Magazine-Fashion-Magazine-Hollywood-Ensuring the ultimate comfort with satin-lined, quilted memory-foam foot-beds in every pair, LMN slippers give a lift with one-inch wedge heels and enable outdoor wear through water-resistant, ridged rubber out soles.  Five initial colors and styles comprise the launch collection: Black Satin Camellia and Silver Satin Camellia, with rows of rhinestones accented with a brooch; Bronze Lurex, with intricate beading and a domed jewel; and Cream Satin Eyelash and Pink Velvet Eyelash, with an eyelash fringe of dangling rhinestones.  Slippers range from $175-$178, perfect as a special occasion gift or indulgent personal treat.

LMN-Luxe-Me-Now-Luxury-Slippers-In-Style-Magazine-Styles-Fashion-World-Mary-Ann-Weisberg-Frances-You-Beverly-Hills-Magazine-Fashion-Magazine-Hollywood-1 For LMN Co-Founder Mary Ann Weisberg, necessity proved the mother of invention.  Having worn out several pairs of elegant slippers she had bought in London, she wanted to replace them but couldn’t find anything comparable in Los Angeles or online.  What she wanted was something that didn’t seem to be on the market: slippers that were gorgeously feminine, impossibly chic, and extraordinarily versatile.

Her husband Bryce sought to buy her a birthday gift he knew she desired: elegant new slippers.  He searched extensively, but couldn’t find the kind of slipper she wanted.  Not one to come back empty-handed, he decided to give her another kind of present.  As a successful entrepreneur, he told her he would put up the seed money for his wife to create her own line of luxury slippers, recognizing an unfilled niche in the marketplace.  Knowing other women would share her desire for comfort couture, Mary Ann set about to create the slipper of her dreams.Frances You

 It was at this point in 2012 that Mary Ann met Frances You, a young and ambitious Princeton graduate who, after pursuing an acting career in New York, was looking for a change.  Like all serendipitous encounters in life, Mary Ann and Frances clicked instantaneously upon meeting.  Mary Ann knew she found the perfect partner to bring the company to life, and Frances knew she had found her calling as an entrepreneur.  Together as co-founders of LMN, the two women embarked on the exciting journey of bringing extraordinary slippers to the marketplace.

 For more information and the debut collection, please visit  Become a fan of LMN on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

Jacqueline Maddison
Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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